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Top 10 Skills You’ll Require By 2020.

Top 10 Skills You’ll Require By 2020.

Friday April 12, 2019,

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Even after graduating from top institutes, people are still failing in the job market. They either do not get the job they deserve or they are not employable for the job they dream of. Students are working hard, scoring good grades but still failing to meet the expectations of the corporates. 

This is probably because the college campuses are totally different from the corporate campuses. 

College fail to teach students the real skills that in necessary to be successful in their career.

Corporates hire people for their values, not for their degree.

Students spend 3-5 years in college only to get the degree but learns no real life skills. This is not because there are lack of platforms where they can learn new things and explore, but because they are unknown to those skills and knowledge that they should have to be successful in the job market.

According to World Economic Forum, these are the top 10 skills that you’ll require in 2020:

1. Complex Problem Solving:

In the world of Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence), computers are getting smarter than human beings. Humans are being replaced by machines as automobiles has replaced horses. But machines are still not too smart to take decisions and solve complex problems.

Complex Problem Solving is the most important skill that every individual should possess. This skill naturally grows with hard work and real life experience. There are no specific rules or framework that you have to follow in order to master this skill.

However, the best way to master this is facing the problems and sticking to it until you find a right solution. 

2. Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking is an ability to think clearly and deeply about a problem and making a logical judgement. It is a kind of thinking where you yourself analyse and examine and come up with an effective conclusion instead of believing on other’s opinions. It requires patience and good observation power.

Critical thinking is an important skill to learn. It helps in implementing innovative ideas and understanding logical connections between them.

3. Creativity:

Machines help get work done faster but it cannot be creative. It’s the creativity of the person inventing the machine. Corporates hire employees who are creative and innovative. They want their employees to implement new ideas and think outside the box.

You need to be creative in transforming data into information. Give yourself time to think, and observe things before you can improve them.

4. People Management:

People management is one of the most important skill that one should learn for long-term success. As every king needs an empire, every leader needs a team in order to achieve his goal. This is only possible if the leader possesses people management skill.

Irrespective of your profession and work, you will always require this skill because big things cannot be done alone. You need to manage your whole team and maintain harmony between them.

5. Coordinating With Others:

Coordinating with others is a part of people management. The success of a team highly depends on the coordination among its members. This skill improves when you first understand others and then get yourself understood. A team cannot win only by the effort of a single person.

Therefore, in order to lead your team and achieve your common goals, you must master this skill.

6. Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to control and manage one’s own emotions and capability to control other’s emotions too. Success requires control i.e. control on one’s own mind. Mastering this skill is very important for your own personal growth. Before controlling other’s emotions, you need to first have control on your emotions. Only then you can influence others and have works done together. It is a very important skill in leadership. 

7. Judgement And Decision Making:

The robots are still not capable of making judgement and decisions. The demand of this very skill will never go down because this is the most important skill, highly required in corporates (and even in personal lives).

It’s not just the ability to make decisions and judgement but the ability to take correct and appropriate decisions.

Mastering this skills requires all other skills like critical thinking, patience, good observation power and the most important, courage.

8. Service Orientation:

Service Orientation means seeking different ways to help others. How well you are able to help people in your team determines the quality of your leadership. If you fail to master this skill, you lose your subordinate’s trust and loyalty. A true leader is one who helps his team grow without leaving anyone behind. 

9. Negotiation:

Reaching to a desired agreement without any argument or dispute is the key element of negotiation skill. Most people often fail to make an agreement that they want to, because they lack in negotiation skills. They cannot argue with the people and then is bound to agree on what they say.

Mastering this skill requires clarity of goals and proper presentation and discussion of ideas.

This grows with practical experience, meeting and having conversations with people above your level.

10. Cognitive Flexibility:

Cognitive Flexibility means the ability of an individual to handle different people accordingly. Different individuals have different thoughts, ideas, actions, opinions, emotions, etc. Thus, everyone cannot be treated and handled in a same way. You have to be flexible and adaptive to talk to different people. It requires creativity, logical thinking and good public relations.

That’s it! Now you know what you need to learn and improve in order to be successful. Go for a research and get to know where and how you can learn these skills. This will land you to high paying jobs and personal growth.

Final Words:

Your skills are like your jewels. The more you possess it, the more you increase your value.

You need to brush it regularly to master it.

Take a step forward and start improving and discovering yourself. If not now then when?