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The 5 best TV’s for 2k18: Which TV should you buy?

When we look back in time, we realize that television sets were simple box shaped devices that broadcasted black and white shows with hardly any audio capabilities. In that era, they were not considered as a source of entertainment. 

The 5 best TV’s for 2k18: Which TV should you buy?

Monday June 25, 2018,

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Over the years, televisions have gone through a number of innovations, and we all know this very well that it is the main form of in-house entertainment across all households today. Flat screen TVs are the new age, with impressive specs and durable structures. These modern devices come with various specs that cater to different customers. Some TVs are ideal to watch movies and shows, whereas some are great just for gaming. Televisions are improving day by day with technology and to pair it up, audio and video devices are also available in the market that give you better sound quality and make you feel like you’re sitting in a theatre. The feels are very close to reality.

As for the year 2018, a number of new devices have been launched by different brands. Here’s a roundup of five of the best Televisions of 2018.

Samsung Q9FN

Samsung Q9FN is a news series of Samsung QLED TV which bounced back in style in the year 2018. It has gorgeous brightness and colors with impressively deep blacks, full-array local dimming and a lovely finish. It has a spectacular HDR picture quality. Moreover, it has a powerful well-rounded sound and a good smart TV Features. With the pros, there are cons as well. It is not quite OLED levels of shadow details and has limited viewing angles.

This model is even brighter and more colorful than last year’s equivalent model. It has astonishing levels of brightness and colors. So, whether you wish to watch a film or put up some match, the result is always a hugely versatile picture.

Samsung’s QF9N is giving the best performance by far by the use of direct backlight and dimming algorithms and even though Samsung made a lot of its QLED TVs (Quantum Dot LED) in the year 2017, 2018 is the year it really shines. The best part about Samsung QF9N is how reasonable it is offering a 65 inches screen. 


With LG E8 OLED, LG is going to have a great year. Even though this model is a little expensive ad the sound is also a little disappointing, the model offers a stunning picture quality with a unique and attractive design and excellent smart TV features It does not have a HDR10+ support but LG has really upped their game on the processing front. LG E8 comprises of the new Alpha 9 Processor which has a number of neat tricks that help in improving the performance. The LG E8 maintains the perfectly inky blacks along with HDR looking far brighter than it should be.

Sony Bravia A1 OLED

The Sony Bravia A1 isn’t just an OLED TV – Sony’s ‘Acoustic Surface’ technology does away with speakers entirely and shakes the screen to make sound. And it totally works. This vibrating screen delivers powerful and effective sound performance. This television is a crowd pleaser with a gorgeous design, innovative and excellent sound, and amazing picture quality. It gives contrast-rich and colorful pictures. With all the pros, there are a few cons as well. The Sony Bravia A1 comes with an exceptionally high price tag making it a little expensive. Moreover, it has an uninspiring remote as well. The Sony Bravia A1 OLED TV comes 65-inch version and also comes in 55 inches.

TCL 6 series

If you plan to maximize you price-to-performance ratio as it includes every current HDR technology in a quality panel. These models come with 65-inches screen and 55-inches screen with 120 and 96 local dimming zones respectively. For an LCD, the contrast is very impressive. The HDR Pro Gamma automatically adjusts the backlight to match your room’s brightness. It runs Roku’s software and delivers a dazzling viewing experience which is absolutely great for the price. However, apart from all the great features, one thing which is just okayish is the built-in audio system of the TV. It is well-balanced and you’ll be able to hear everything properly but you cannot expect something extraordinary from these speakers. You can have a soundbar if you want to do some justice to amazing picture quality.

Vizio M-Series

Vizio M series is known to be the second-best picture for the money. There are a number of reasons to like this model. Its image quality is excellent, exactly like TCL’s image quality. Moreover, it offers a 70 inches screen size. Not only this, M-series is also compatible with phones, Alexa and even Google Assistant with which you can easily control your TV. Vizio is also a better value than any TV I've tested from Samsung, Sony or LG. The best part about Vizio is that it offers a lot in a little amount of cash. It is highly affordable with high performance, well-equipped and that too with a 70-inches screen.


In this roundup, you might have noticed that there are no small TVs. That’s because small TVs are now outdated. Now, it’s your call! Choose your pick and buy online the best Television in Nepal for your house or room. Let the party begin!