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Web Hosting Myths and Truths

Opting for a web host for the very first time is usually fascinated by various attractive web hosting offers and extraordinary features.

Web Hosting Myths and Truths

Monday November 13, 2017,

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Opting for a web host for the very first time is usually fascinated by various attractive web hosting offers and extraordinary features. In the marketing world, there are wide numbers of web host providers that claims to be one of the best amongst all. However, analysing those available hosting options and finalizing the right provider can be daunting sometimes.

If you are aware of some basic features and concepts of hosting services, then going with an affordable web hosting provider can be easy for you. Remember, it is very important to be updated and being alert by protecting yourself against bad hosting providers.

Below mention are the most common #9 myths and truths about web hosting service providers:

#1 All Web Hosting providers are same:

One of the biggest myth that all the host providers are same and you can sign them without any doubt. Always remember a web hosting providers plays a very important role for your online business, therefore, first comparing and then making a wise decision is very important for your website’s success.

#2 Cost:

Be aware of the hidden cost, as some of the providers might not reveal it to you unless you register them. As there are some of the services that charge you high for the first time shopping. Therefore, confirm and always try to compare web hosting packages with other providers before finalizing, as there are some services that take an advantage of buying them for the first time.

#3 Server Reliability:

Each and every provider offers a guaranteed uptime. But it is necessary for the one to cross check the uptime that actually recorded. Because even a 0.5 % of a drop in uptime can cost a big traffic and customers loss for at least number of two days, which will affect your business.

#4 Response Speed:

Response time and a load time are the most crucial factors to be considered when it comes ensuring the experience of online customers. Because having a low response time of a website increases the number of bounce rate of a site. Therefore a slow website has always an adverse effect on search engine ranking. Hence, always make sure that your website is hosted on sufficient server resource to keep it secure and fast.

#5 Multiple Domain Options:

There are some of the hosting providers which offer just a single domain, while some offer multiple domains. In such case, if you are running a business where you need more than one domain; always select a host that provides multiple domain availabilities options. Make sure to clear it before signing up a web host.

#6 After Sale Support:

A good web hosting service provider will always guide and support you with your hosting issues. But there are some services that stop’s giving you that support which you use to get it at the beginning time of your purchase. Therefore always choose a service that provides 24/7 guaranteed technical support.

#7 Free Hosting is the Best:

Getting web hosting for free might be delightful, where one thinks that he doesn’t has to pay a single penny for it. But then for how long? No good web hosting will offer you with free resources for hosting your site and even if there is, then there might be some drawbacks or disadvantages to free hosting packages. Like you might not get professional support or assistance, very poor response and load time and many more. And this way you will in turn to pay high additional hosting charges. Therefore it is essential to take this into attention.

#8 Cheap Hosting Bad hosting:

It’s a myth that going for cheap hosting services is bad. It is significant to take this reality into consideration that a reliable web host will not cost you a fortune. Web hosts might vary in terms of features and services they provided. Therefore, it is important to investigate all of them to find a trustworthy and affordable web host.

#9 Web Host with negative Reviews:

Let's talk about the reality ground here! Many customers are not comfortable giving any reviews or feedback when they are upset or angry with the service they have got. They will eagerly contribute a feedback when they are satisfied and happy with the service they have received. It is necessary for you to know that many web hosting customers have some expectations that might not always be fulfilled by the hosting providers, therefore the reason some of you are more likely to notice negative reviews about some web hosting services.

The reality is that every web hosting provider, irrespective of how high-grade they are might hold negative reviews. But this doesn't mean one should completely ignore the negative reviews. By trying to read those reviews and analysing the reply of the provider can also come up with some positive impact. Examining the negative reviews will sometimes give you with a genuine insight on the web host and this way you will be in a much better situation for deciding for registration.

You will find numbers of information on picking a web host, however, there are some common blunders related to choosing a web host which I have already mentioned above, which everyone must be aware of. Research well on the web hosting providers that you would like to sign up with and try asking them questions. With proper analysis, you will certainly find a great web hosting service that will comply with all your website hosting needs.


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