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Things you should experience if you are planning to visit India

Things you should experience if you are planning to visit India

Thursday August 10, 2017,

4 min Read

India has a rich culture and the regions where people live together with love & affection. Which made India a unique place for following the different cultures & traditions. The oldest Civilization & the monument are the known recognization for India by being an example for the great manners, beliefs & values.

If you are having a thought of visiting India then it would be a great trip for you. No matter what you see in India but the people and the way they receive you, will definitely make a difference in one point of looking at India.

Travel to Every Corner of India

India is a place where you will find so many surprises at every point. The places you may not have seen will definitely be in your seen list after this trip in India. 

1. Trekking an Amazing Experience On The Hills Of Mcleodganj


Positive vibed majestic mountains is a great tourist place to live nature. Triund gives a spectacular view & an amazing experience of visiting the Dhauladhar ranges. Experience the feel under billions of stars.

2. Adventure that Gives Thrill - Try Scuba Diving in Andaman


A name may not convey anything but if you are a nature lover & loves to do the adventures then Andaman Scuba Diving is one of the best places to experience that thrill. It will take out your fear and make you realize the un experienced feeling for sure.

3. Ever Beautiful Srinagar - One Should Visit


Great opportunity for one to visit the real beauty of Kashmir which is in India. You can experience the real heaven on earth here. Experience the magic of this place and add one more beautiful place in your visited list.

4. Visit quintessential Mumbai for Never Sleeping City

5. Princess of Hill Station - Kodaikanal

6. Amazing season destination to Visit Munnar

Taste the Best In India

Who won't love food? mainly when some Indian offers you. The mouthwatering food in India which will never let you forget the taste. You may be anywhere in the world but when it comes to food you will definitely speak about food. Not because you have not tasted the food but the food with love can only possible in India.

1. Yummy Paav Bhaaji you have Ever Tasted


You might have tasted Paav Bhaaji but the taste in India will beat the earlier. A spicy food of Maharashtra which will be available for you anywhere in India. The tasted of onions & lemon with Paav Bhaaji gives amazing taste.

2. Evergreen Idli Sambar


A very common dish in India which taste amazing with its yummy taste. Every south Indian might have tasted as it is known for its taste and quick making breakfast in many houses. A combination of Idli and sambar is a light & healthy breakfast all the way.

3. A Game you Should Play with Panipuri / Gol Gappe


A true experience of eating food with ease you will experience while eating Panipuri. A tasty & spicy Gol Gappe will make you play a mouth game. Experience this for sure when you visit India.

4. See the Indian version of Doughnut - Vada Pav

6. Kolkata Street-Food Dish Kati Roll

5. Dhokla - A vegetarian food of Gujarat

India Known for The Traditions & Culture

1. Dedicated Traditional Place Konark Sun Temple


The Sun Temple is in the residential area of Konark, which is in the Puri region of Odisha. This amazing design is committed to Lord Sun. A place which you enjoy visiting & spending time in the positive atmosphere.

2. Badrinath a Great place to Visit in India


Badrinath is known as Peruvudaiyar Kovil and RajaRajeswaram. It is a 11th-century temple was built by the Chola emperor Raja Raja Chola I.

3. Oldest pilgrimage centers in India - Somnath

4. Most sacred Shiva temple - Kedarnath

5. Home to several Buddhist structures - Sanchi Stupa

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