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Top ten things to do in Jaipur

Take time out for the Pink City

Top ten things to do in Jaipur

Monday May 08, 2017,

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Its picturesque blend of lifestyle, delicacies, art forms and heritage, Rajasthan has been aptly entitled as the Designer State. And if one is planning to visit Rajasthan then how can Jaipur ,the beautiful pink city escape his thoughts? Only at Jaipur you can unravel and experience the enthusiasm innate in the statement “Sun over the eyes, sand on the side, the best road to ride!” If I had to describe Jaipur in one line, I’d say “Jaipur is not just a city rather it is a juncture of euphoria!”. This place is totally worth a visit and here in this article you will find top 10 things that you could do in Jaipur to give you an exotically enriching experience.

1. Relish the glory innate in Hawa Mahal : The Palazzo of the winds

Hawa Mahal is one of the most remarkably engineered places to Visit in Jaipur. This building has five massive floors with myriads of small windows through which wind flew and dynamized the whole of the building. This is why this place is popularly known as Hawa Mahal. Now some of the windows are closed but you can always go and relish scenic view from the top of the building.


2. Adore the beauty Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur City Palace is the kernel of the Jaipur city. Only some of its parts are open to the public. It is an intricate blend of buildings, gardens, courtyards and museums exhibiting jewellery, handicrafts, arsenal etc. This Palace is the best alive example of wonders that are created when the powers of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture combine.


3. Take a tasty break at Niro’s Restaurant

Located at MI road, Niro’s Restaurant is a time-honoured eatery that serves Indian and Chinese food items in its super exquisite garden aura adorned with masterstrokes of internationally renowned artist Statish Gujral. This is the most peaceful place to relish your favorite veg and non veg cuisines. Its butter chicken and rogan josh is something that if you have once, you will never ever forget the taste. Niro is also an apt place for wine lovers.


4. Behold the charm of Royal Gaitor

A lover of history and heritage can’t overlook the place called Royal Gaitor. It is known to be the place where Royals rested. This place encompasses cenotaph of Madho singh 2, Jai Singh 2 and Maharaja Pratap Singh. The beauty that the stone monuments own is enough to take your hearts away. Royal Gaitor can help you seek a lovely view of the entire Jaipur City.


5. Explore the informative Central Museum

It is structured at the splendid roseate Albert Hall. It was brought into existence by Sir Jacob. It is one of the most beautiful alive examples of the fact that astonishing marvels happen when English elements make love to North Indian Architecture. From tribal dresses to miniature paintings, from carpets to mystic Egyptian Mummies, you can find everything in here.


6. Unravel enticing secrets at Jantar Mantar

Ranking among the colossal observatories and equipped with the biggest sundial, Jantar Mantar has all the potential to give you some astronomy love. This placed is equipped with some wonderful geometrical equipment which would help you to observe time, to locate orbits of large glossy stars and to look at and adore constellations.


7. Steer the Elephants in Aravalli Range

Royals don’t just bleed blue, they travel on elephants too. An elephant safari is the last thing on this earth you’d like to miss if you’re going to Jaipur. Located at the foothills of Aravalli range, Dera Amer is where you’d be able to accomplish this desire of yours. The hair raising ride and the scenic beauty of the landscape is the perfect combination to thrill you to the core.


8. Encounter atistry at Jal Mahal

Water Palace or Jal Mahal is an exotic blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture.It was basically crafted to serve as a summer resort for the royals. Jal mahal has also witnessed some duck hunting parties. Although currently it is undergoing some renovation and therefore a stay at Jal Mahal won’t be possible. Jal Mahal seems to the be the most shiny star in the engaging galaxy of Mansagar Lake.


9. Go for a Cycling Odyssey at Nahargarh Fort

For adventure lovers, cycling expedition at Nahargarh Fort is a must. European and Indian architectural intelligence came together and then nahargarh fort happened. Crusades of cycling expedition on one hand and the heart stealing of Nahargarh Fort on the other, what else would one need to quash the thirst of romp and enthusiasm of soul.


10. Go shopping in the elegant Jaipur Bazaars

Shopping is always a good idea. Shop at Rajasthan and gift yourself some lovely souvenirs. You can purchase lovely handicrafts from MI road, valuable gemstones from the famous Johari Bazaar, beautifully crafted sculptures from Chandpol Bazaar and some really amazing stuffs from the Nehru bazaar and the bapu bazar.


So these were some worth trying things on your trip to Jaipur. Make the most of your ‘Ride to Jaipur’.

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