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Importance of case studies for an effective word of mouth marketing

Importance of case studies for an effective word of mouth marketing

Wednesday December 27, 2017,

3 min Read

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) has been one of the primitive promotional ideas practiced by marketers. This is based on the principle of pull marketing, where one good review by a customer leads to further business. Before the introduction of print and digital media, WOMM has been helping business spread and flourish. Word of mouth marketing case studies, in this regard, has become the most powerful influencers that appeal and connect with the masses.


The very basic idea of WOMM is that consumers themselves bring other consumers to the product. Unlike push marketing strategies, it does the work effortlessly with better results. It transmits a positive marketing message to the prospective buyers because of the trust they have on the person.

Referral, follower, groups, and influencer marketing case studies are some of the modern facets of WOMM case studies. These are important and effective tools that have shown a significant impact on the consumer’s buying decision. WOMM case studies have dominantly taken a shift from the traditional print media to the online media and recently to the social media. A small video or a few words of praise on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can create a huge buzz about the brand. It has the power to connect with masses in the shortest time.

For long, marketing and advertising promotion has been using word of mouth marketing as an effective promotional tool. The style and use of WOMM case studies have remained more or less the same, however, smart influencer marketing agencies in Delhi have adapted their approach with the new media. Let us have a look at its evolution in the recent time of social media.

Here are a few points that talk about the importance of word of mouth marketing case studies.

• As a consumer or buyer, most of the people value the opinion of friends, family and trusted sources the most. Hence, WOMM works fantastic by easily influencing individual's decision making and prompts them to do business with the brand.

• The importance of WOMM case studies is realised beyond the benefits of sales as it leaves an emotional connect with the buyers.

• WOMM is especially important to motivate new buyers as they do not feel pushed or under pressure because of a strong social or emotional connection.

• Word of mouth case studies are equally important both for the marketers and the consumers. It provides a robust platform for them to address and discuss on a range of potential issues.

• The combined effect of WOMM case studies with other modes of marketing helps the brand experience greater market penetration.

Word of mouth marketing case studies has always helped marketers gain consumer attention and acceptance. In the present-day internet arena too, WOMM is doing its magic through online media.