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7 Adaptive Product Marketing Strategies for Startups in 2019

7 Adaptive Product Marketing Strategies for Startups in 2019

Thursday July 04, 2019,

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Product marketing strategies: Introduction

Starting up a company or business can be a quick and easy process. But only in the case, when one has all thing in a framework. The basic way of recognizing a business or company is in the name of the popularity in the market. How the business and product get popular in markets?

One must have a heard about 4 P's of marketing that is PRICE, PRODUCT, PROMOTION and PLACE

The basic answer to this question is. Product marketing Strategies. Marketing plays a vital role in startups as they generate revenue for business and companies.

"A plan to reach the heart of the audience and winning their trust." 

Product marketing is a basic channel to communicate with your audience. Also, knowing their demands and needs. Plus according to that finalizing that which product is more focused on according to your market. Research before adapting with a brand. The customer already knows about your company. Be a smart marketer while marketing your products.

Before getting into the strategies let discuss 3 questions in product marketing?

  • Who are your a perfect customer or the target audience?
  • What is your right product mix?
  • What is your value proposition?

Answers to all the question is to - Understand the demographic and Sycographic of your audience. Work on The HIGH Focus product and keep low focus products. They can be placed with High products as complimentary so that they can maintain your customer. One can only grow when one doesn't value money. But offer the right value to the customer.

Product Marketing

The easy product marketing strategies are :

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing

Its a product marketing strategy where you promote your product online. By different channel and mediums. Its called online digital marketing too. This marketing is a trend in 2019 as the digitization is at its heights. People are adopting this marketing strategy more and more. The trading of products requires GST Registration which mandatory to apply for.

Let's talk about the strategies in detail:

Product Marketing Strategies

a) SOCIAL MEDIA - Its on demand in 2019

Social Media

  1. Social media is the most common and usual way to promote your product.
  2. As now a day's folks are so familiar with what is social media.
  3. It's a great platform that does not involve much of money. One just has that USP in selling their product online. Social media have many platforms to communicate with all types of audiences.
  4. The social media requires very catchy and creative work and the idea that can attract a large number of folks.
  5. Adopt the best methods and new ideas from brands that are effective and strong on social media space.
  6. Apply the best Social Media Metrics to regulate the activities.
  7. Stay active and grasp Optimizing the strategies.
  8. Create such contents that appealing and easily understood by the audience.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Google+
  • Infographics

These are the most popular social marketing sites and famous among people. Through these social media platforms, a business or company can create a strategic plan. That how to sell product online and provide a reasonable cost for futuristic customers. Let's discuss some of these Social Media Strategies in detail.



Twitter is the platform where one can tweet for communicating. It's very famous for sharing articles, instance and for launching news about what's new in the market. Promote a high-quality follower base. To get importance on twitter one should follow these steps:

# Tweet short, communicative, bright ideas and links articles, blog posts and websites. Which Followers would be usually interested in.

# Join in swift and precise communications

# Work up the fan base and make them awaits for your tweets keep that excitement level and interest.



Facebook offers a flexible platform with lots of tools. Begin with a mind-engaging and strikes the people thought process brand page. Look at patterns and take ideas. Share a Blend of information – Blog posts, presentations, videos, queries etc. The main motives of your post are to entertain the audience. Post questions, create fun contests to win over the audience mind.



It's a video sharing channel. Where people post their videos on their own create channel. The videos they post have their ideology strategies. The video contains unique content. And have visual and content framed in the form of video. Design crisp and funky Product videos that can perform well in all platforms.

Plus creates its long-lasting impact on the mind of the audience. The video can go viral within seconds if it has content appealing and stunning. Especially, make behind the video scenes for a product that assists in becoming a CUSTOMER TALK VIDEO. Share the content on facebook, twitter and Instagram. behind the scenes, much have product overview demos and feature demos.


Search Engine Optimisation

Every business requires quality customers and leads. SEO is a highly malicious tool that increases the visibility of your business. Also, brings your website to the first page of the top search engine.

Nowadays, Smart Consumers spend a lot of time in product research and SEO is a great tool that helps in finding your business. SEO enhances the success of your business by providing an effective optimization for natural search on the Internet. In the first place, the visibility of a website runs more organic traffic.

"SEO is counted to be a specific domain."

SEO is the most likely marketing outlet that can be counted to stand tall in a specific domain by defeating all the competitions. The SEO process consists of:

  • A series of searches including video search
  • Image search
  • Local search
  • News search
  • Academic search
  • Specific domain vertical engine engines.

To understand the SEO objectives, consider our browsing habits on the Internet. When one must want to obtain some information, we use search engines, since it is the easiest and fastest way to recover this information.

Some results are shown in the search query, of which it is very likely that we go to the first page of the results because they contain the relevant information we are looking for. As a general rule, websites that appear at the top of the result get more users than other sites. That is why SEO aims to achieve a position by optimizing the website so that search engines occupy high-level websites.

It only takes more than creating links, creating old content and improving your biological search ranking and adding some keywords to increase the visibility of your business or brand.

"Provides new heights for your business."

Increase the visibility of simple and complicated websites online and we try to improve the ranking of your search engines to shoot the business in the competitive field. To meet the risk needs of your website, we have a special writing team and technical staff.


Small and medium-sized companies have difficulties to capture the marketing expenses of the big players. Our on-page and off-page optimization use the best search keywords related to your company to explain search engine optimization about the greatness of your company to bring our website.



The balanced use of keywords can do wonders. The frequency of the set of a particular keyword or keyword in the text is called keyword density compared to the total word count. The simple goal of keyword research is to find out what your target audience is looking for and what it will look like to rank those keywords.

Without knowing to which keywords you should go, how would you optimize your website effectively, phrases aimed at building links or what content could be developed for your audience?


On-Site optimization is an effective tool used to improve your online performance and your ranking on the customer's website. To work and solve potential problems related to SEO on the page, you must take the first step to optimize your website in the search engines and especially in Google.


Our accomplished and experienced SEO experts have made efforts to increase the visibility of your website and improve the quantity and quality of incoming links to provide you with more traffic. Link Building is the process of linking to other websites on your website. All merchants and business owners should be interested in creating links to run referral traffic and increase the rights of your site.


We provide comprehensive reports and analyses of the main performance indicators, such as efforts in social platforms, content, link structure, etc. Your website is used to improve your ranking and visibility.


Social Media Optimization

The optimization of social networks (SMO) is the method of creating information about a product, brand or event by the practice of many social webs links and groups to offer the finest promotions. The optimization of social networks includes RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites.

As well as the use of social networking sites, videos and blog sites. SMO is related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in which the aim is to inspire traffic to your website.

SMO Some people name it social network optimization. Others refer to it as search engine optimization.SMO increases the reach of your business and increases the chances of connecting people to your main business page.


Online business presence should be expanded as an important part of any online marketing strategy, be it large or small. Over a dynamic online existence, you will rise prominence and shape your brand's status. This allows you to reach potential visitors who continue to be informed about your products and services.

Actually, to see where your brand is with your online presence.

In social networks, there are pair major search engines to which one must modify:

  • Search function within each social network.
  • Google search

When one optimizes for the search environment, there are few immediate and secondary benefits. The direct benefits are more people who search your profile and connect with you and go to your website. The indirect benefit comes from an additional link that points to your website from your profile.

What is the option of social networks involved?

  • on the page and off page analysis
  • Comparison of the competition
  • Content reports
  • Where do you find keywords related to your website?
  • Presence of social networks.
  • Brand visibility among search engines.
  • Design and functionality of your website.
  • Competitive analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of web traffic and growing traffic
  • Ideas to achieve more business.


Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the use of marketing a business applying paid advertisements. These Display on search engine results in pages or SERPs. Advertisers offer on keywords that users of services such as Google and Bing. That may enter when viewing for specific products or services. Which provides the advertiser with the chance for their ads to look alongside results for those search doubts.

Search engine marketing’s biggest plus point is that it gives advertisers the chance to put their ads in front of motivated buyers. Who are ready to purchase at the exact moment they’re set to make a purchase. No other promoting medium can do this. This is why search engine marketing is so powerful and such an amazingly great way to improve one's business.

e) PRINT MEDIA: Traditional Method But still effective product marketing strategy

Print Media

One can do print media marketing also in this one can create many product articles that can be sent for publishing in magazines, newspaper. This will build your brand name in the market. Plus one's product gets in the eyes of many people. Nationally and internally.

f) SAMPLES: An attractive part of product marketing


Even one can create a sample of products as a TESTER for the public. This provides a customer with a satisfaction level in buying the product easily.

g) Ad campaign and Email Campaigns

Ad Campagins and Email Campaigns

  • Online Ad Campaigns

An ad campaign is a set of advertisements that rotate around single information and are designed to reach a special goal. To build brand awareness for a new product. To encourage sales of a product or service.

Email Campaign. An email campaign is a coordinated collection of individual email messages that are used over a particular period of time in one particular direction.

Create something 100 people value, not something 1 billiob people just of link


Following basic market strategies can bring out the big brand name in the market. Your product is only useful when customers are interested in them. To build their interest plan to promote a product and set a reasonable cost value. Plus target the correct audience and design attractive products.

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