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7 Leading Edge Web Design Trends for 2019

7 Leading Edge Web Design Trends for 2019

Thursday December 20, 2018,

7 min Read

Feeling excited to know what 2019 will bring to the world of Web designing?

If you feel so than this article is definitely for you.!

As we will reveal all the secrets on what is going to happen in the Web Design world in the year 2019.

Website design is ever evolving, so it’s very important for a web designer to keep abreast with the current web design trends. Its sometimes very crucial to stay active on website trends for designing a successful website as around every twelve months things changes in terms of algorithms, visuals & best method practices. A website that looks modern & sleek today might have to be adjusted & tweaked in many ways according to the latest updations tomorrow. So, it’s always important to keep pace with trends in industry & passing vogue. Talking about 2019 will be a year of user experience design focusing on loading speed, eye-catching professional designs, interactive video backgrounds, mobile-friendly design & many more.

Here we have summed up 7 trends for web design in 2019 that you can expect to rock the house: -

1. Website Storytelling

In recent year storytelling has gained much popularity in many social media platforms. The year 2019 will continue to increase with Effective brands and brand storytelling. Storytelling in web designing will be the most important tool to distinguish yourself in the online competitive world. There is no doubt that the attention span on the website has reduced much so communicating through website story will help to attain & retain user’ attention. Every business Unique selling point(USP) can only be achieved through not just selling the product but by giving a mesmerizing story for your brand & products. There will be high demand for spectacular photography beautifully crafted in websites and video backgrounds that tempt users to explore the website further and helps the company recognize itself from other outdoor online retailers.

2. Speed

People today are flighty and impatient that they don’t like to be kept waiting for more than 3 seconds even. It has become a toilsome task to interact with them online & have a good impression on potential customers. It’s a craze among many business owners to build beautiful sites but that beautiful sites are backend with so data-heavy images, CSS & JavaScript files that it takes too long to download. Ultimately you could be losing user interest & revenues as no one sticking around to even look at your site. Even Google has become so smart with its Google speed update in July 2018 that it only prioritizing rankings for those sites that have fast loading speed. So, designing a creative visual design is not only what craving but ranking it in SERP is also that matters.

3. Flat Design

Mobile-first design has become mandatory as a number of mobile searches have gone up ever since 2018. Designers are in a war of creating clean and professional websites for better mobile performance. In 2019 get ready to create flat & minimalist designs with good loading speed that maintain great user experience for both desktop & mobile users. The flat design gives benefits to speed up loading & provide high SEO values. That is why flat design will continue to be trendy & popular in 2019. Flat screen caters to usability that will remove all clutter and focus on the main parts of the website. Flat design exhilarating change from slow-loading distracting image base design to clean, bright colors, a lot of open space & crisp edges. Flat design will not just simple to be boring but will be enriched with contrasting bright colors, big fonts, & illustrations with attractive imagery that will be engaging & eye-catching for users.

4. Mobile First

Google doesn’t measure website on basis of just speed as from the last few years mobile searches gain much engagement in making mobile search the highest search form worldwide. Google has changed its crawling way to index first the mobile sites over sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Fundamentally the website design has evolved a great change with the development of mobile first web design that caters to creating mobile version first then the desktop site. In 2019 more and more users will visit the web with their mobile only, so the focus will be only mobile design user experiences. Frameworks like Bootstrap & foundation will continue to be used as the front-end designing trend of 2019. A complete responsive website approach will be followed from mobile-friendly design to large desktop & laptop designs.

5. Asymmetrical /Grid Layouts

Asymmetry can be one of the most impactful concepts to be used as a design toolkit in 2019. It is an attention-grabbing technique that has left a mark across the web design industry in a big way. 2019 will advocate designers for the fresh and striking look with broken grids and asymmetrical layouts. Asymmetrical /Grid Layouts refers to the grid system that can be used from web pages to newspapers to print and outdoor ads for decades on all kinds of layouts. You can easily maintain consistency and alignment for a designer using a grid system. Using grids or asymmetrical layouts your designs doesn’t look sloppy or distracted & it keeps user to focus on important parts of the page. Using different colors, textures & creative use of visual hierarchy directs the user’s attention in a new, engaging manner toward the content or the CTAs.

6. Video Backgrounds

With all the above list of minimalists, quick-loading, flat design trends, video backgrounds are also incredibly going to be the popular trend into 2019. Some people think that adding video backgrounds would bog down their site pertaining to speed issues but that’s where the game begins as adding videos increase the conversion rate. As it's for sure video is always more appealing than images or text, most of the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. already started earning high conversion rates through these videos. With all new features in videos integration like autopay video while scrolling through your feeds made it more influential in video posting platforms.

Videos are so attention catcher that whenever a user lands on your site, a video plays in the background that makes them stick around to watch them. This is the main aspect in 2019 that will help in raising your time on site metrics and results in higher average time on your site further results in better SEO. Not only this, but the video will also help in conveying your message in a most effective & lively way in a short amount of time.

7. Chatbots/Machine Learning

Chatbots or bots are increasingly becoming more common on websites and micro-interactions. It helps in interacting & communicating with end users across digital media. Due to advance AI (artificial intelligence) & machine language bots seem to become smarter. You can judge this smartness from many features like autosuggestion feature that Google create while typing in the search bar or auto-tagging suggestion option given on your pics in Facebook or even it gives exact suggestion which event, information or ads to show according to your reading habits & location data. 2019 will be a year of chatbots & machine language that will continue to enhance user interactions with websites. The great functionality of autoresponder in most of the chatbots interacts with user seamlessly for you which is an excellent customer support upfront. Customer support integration in the website is the most efficient gift of this new technology.


2019 will be a great year with a complex and dynamic website which will involve everything from the tempting visual delights of broken grid layouts and video backgrounds to the practical tenets of flat design and single page layouts. Here we predicted a few of the trends, many new will keep on emerging just stay in touch with our BeeboTech web designing company in Jalandhar. We will provide a free appraisal report for your existing site or any kind of advice on your website.