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7 Successful Tips to Make a Corporate Video

7 Successful Tips to Make a Corporate Video

Thursday January 31, 2019,

5 min Read

7 Successful Tips to Make a Corporate Video

Creating an appealingly engaging corporate video for your brand can bring you closer to achieving your ultimate goals. You can add efficiency to expanding your business reach thereby increasing your online visibility. A video tends to get viral across multiple platforms conveniently and effectively. With the help of a corporate video, you can boost your progress and increase your rate of conversions by attracting potential customers.

A corporate video is the simplest method of spreading your brand message and interacting with target audience efficiently. In order to make your corporate video compelling, here are 7 killer tips which you must follow: Read on!

1.  Start Brainstorming


The first thing you have to ponder on is to build a strategy. You must brainstorm the idea that can bring you closer to your customers and their needs. You have to set a strategy to understand your customers and to look into their common issues. Once you become able to grab the important elements of establishing a strong relationship with your audience you can be sure to progress at a double pace.

You need to draft a strategy based on market analysis. Carry out a brief analysis of the target market and extract the ways your competitors are making a deal. You must know how others are performing and what features can create the most outcomes.

2.  Compose Your Content

Your script is the most important part of your marketing video. You must focus on personalization when composing your script. You cannot create a script dripping with sales pitches. You must offer something value added to your customers in order to convince them about your level of professionalism. Your content should be targeted to their needs along with having precise information about the product. Never add too many jargons in your content.

You have to keep the language simple and easy to comprehend. Organize your content in small bullet points. In a video, long sentences and paragraphs ruin the productivity. So, be careful about organizing your pieces of information.

3.  Work On Your Storyboard

Before you dip your hands in spreading appeal in storyboard creation, you must finalize the type of video you are about to create. Whether it be a 3D or 2D video or you are planning to spread the wonder of simple whiteboard animation- dipping the world in black and white. Each corporate animated video as its own storyboard making styles.

When making the storyboard, you must make sure that each frame is created with utmost appeal and captivation. You have to work on every single corner and add engaging flair to enhance the effectiveness. You can add detailing to indulge your users making your animation in the realistic framework.

4.  Add Brand Identity

Now the next big thing is how to ad brand identity in your videos. For instance, if you have chosen a whiteboard animation where there are only two prominent colors- Black on a white surface, you can at one or two places add your brand color. This will make the video more appealing and it will become easier to spread your brand recognition. Similarly, in other forms of videos like 2D/3D, you get enough room to add your creative flair.

5.  Think About Some Strong Visuals

A video is all about appealing visuals. If you want to make your video stand out you must incorporate an enticing storyline. From realistic characters to the captivating theme, a video having all the compelling features is more likely to generate progressive outcomes. Moreover, when working on the aesthetics of your video, you need to get the grip on the most captivating color palette. Choose colors wisely. Be sure not to conflict your brand identity with that of others.

6.  Make Your Video Shareable

If your video is not able to get shared on social media platforms, it will not last long. To extract full juice out of your videos, you must add buttons to help viewers post your content on their profiles. Moreover, do not make lengthy videos. The attention span of online users is shrinking with every passing minute and it puts a lot of pressure on professional marketers who are constantly looking for ways to entertain their customers. In such a time when the digital market is so heated up, you must follow every possible tip to take gather traffic.

One such way is to make your videos interesting and keeping its duration short. The standard duration for making a video for various platforms is listed as:

·        Twitter: 45 seconds

·        Instagram: 30 seconds

·        YouTube: 2 minutes

·        Facebook: 1 minute

7.  SEO Optimization

Before finalizing your video, do make sure that it SEO Optimized. You must index the right set of keywords in your video to make it get ranked higher. YouTube being the biggest video streaming website enables fast and easy searches that need a relevant query. You can get ranked higher not only in the modern browsers but among the leading YouTube channels. Once you get acknowledged on YouTube you can receive uncountable leads. As per the stats, around 97% of the active online buyers find videos to help them in making a decision.

Wrap Up

Follow these techniques to drive excellence in your corporate video. You can be able to double your sales and accelerate your revenues. Simply make sure not to take any drastic measures to hit your customers with a pure sales pitch. You have to add emotions and concerns in your content when offering your product.