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10 Reasons Why Every MBA & BBA Graduates Should Learn Digital Marketing

If you are an MBA/BBA/B. tech graduate, digital marketing would surely be a powerful weapon in your arsenal. Learn digital marketing training at GeeksChip as they bridge the space between industry and opportunities.

10 Reasons Why Every MBA & BBA  Graduates Should Learn Digital Marketing

Tuesday August 28, 2018,

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The world has seen progress in a lot of fields in recent times and one such advancement has been witnessed in the digital sector. This progress has been to such a level that the contemporary time can as well be defined as the digital era. Technology is the driving force of numerous businesses and the advent of digital marketing has soared to a new height of success. The culmination of business administrative quality along with the knowledge of digital marketing can indeed be a fruitful and product-oriented combination.

10 Reasons Why Every MBA & BBA Graduates Should Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing – A prospective course

Digital marketing holds great future prospects for students who have graduated with a MBA or a BBA degree and they are bagging up positions in various marketing firms. There are many Digital Marketing Institutes all over the world. In India there are several renowned institutes in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi; several technical institutes are opening their branches for Digital Marketing Training to teach digital marketing course in hyderabad. These institutes hire highly qualified faculty for the Digital Marketing Training. The Digital Marketing Course includes topics like ad-words, marketing strategies, SEO optimization, content and many other things. Primarily these courses focus on how to productively implement these techniques to incur profit in business through traffic.

The importance and need of digital marketing skills-

In India business has a wide spectrum. Businesses like the retail consultancy, B2B organizations, B2C organizations, export and import industry, hospitality and real estate etc. are requiring digital marketing now. The demand of this new trend is huge and the scope of growth is enormous. Realising this several students and professionals alike are joining digital marketing training in Hyderabad.

For better understanding, here is a list of reasons why every MBA & BBA grad should learn digital marketing.

1. The gap between demand and supply -There is a huge demand for digital marketing managers and social media marketing strategist in the industry. As compared to other traditional marketing tools, Digital marketing is a tool which has proven records of no recession marketing strategy. There are various job roles in the industry that you can fit into after taking digital marketing training.

2. Growth Rate- According to a recent analysis by the top marketers of the world, the digital marketing arena is sure to create the need for a huge number of jobs.

3. An effortless learning course- Digital marketing is a course that is purely non-technical and thus very easy to understand for students of different streams. The course requires analytical marketing skill and an MBA or a BBA grad can very easily grasp as they already possess that knowledge from their business administration courses.

4. Affordable-Learning digital marketing is far more affordable than any other professional course. Many institutes offer a wide range of short term and long-term courses which can be done online or offline as well.

5. Entrepreneurship- You can either set up your own digital marketing company by learning these skills, or you can take up a role of specialist by optimizing the sites. You can also start a blog and earn profit through advertisement. There are many more options; for example, you can create a site where various types of shopping coupons are available and earn the profit through subsidiary advertising. By acquiring digital marketing knowledge along with the MBA or BBA degree one can also convert their skills into a successful business idea.

6. Bridging the gap between skill set industrial requirements- In today’s highly competitive world, just doing an MBA or BBA would not be sufficient in getting a job until and unless the person has certain amount of knowledge in digital marketing. Unfortunately, the curriculum of the MBA or BBA courses is not updated with the present industry standard. So there is a gap of knowledge between the current industry needs and an MBA student’s knowledge. One needs to learn Digital marketing to supplement this gap.

7. Stay ahead with your competitors- There might be some businesses or companies who are doing pretty well with their offline marketing and not adhering to digital marketing. However, the wiser decision lies in the capability to have a futuristic vision and that will eventually include the digital marketing knowledge and implementation of the same. One of the key reasons for this shift of offline to online is that the latter is cost effective as well. It is no more profitable to spend a huge amount of money on traditional marketing like hoardings, TV ads and banners when you can reach a mass audience through digital media.

8. Getting accreditations - A professional certificate in the digital marketing field assures and establishes that you have authentic and certified skills. If a graduate after doing MBA acquires a certificate of this course then there is no looking back. One can also get a certificate from Google which is of much importance. They provide the certificate in Ad-words segment by conducting an online step by step exam.

9. Makes your resume much stronger - Digital Marketing skills are in great demand. In more traditional careers like print media or advertising, one requires to get a graduate degree, a coveted diploma or an internship programme to create a powerful portfolio. However, with the advent of the digital marketing world, one is able to begin their career skipping these steps and become a useful resource for a company. This has become possible due to the myriads of opportunities that the digital course has brought in.

10. A positive step towards a bright future- The digital phase is gradually attaining a permanent place in the commercial world and consumers have grasped this notion and wave. This is the reason why they are accomplishing numerous daily tasks on their digital devices. In recent times, the demand of skilled digital marketing professionals has grown manifolds. The established businesses and new start-ups are desperately looking for such resources in order to achieve their target or company goals. Digital media marketers are always adapting new technology methods as there is a Paradigm shift in consumer behaviour. Almost half of the world’s population uses the internet on a daily basis and this statistics is on an increasing graph.