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Top seven technology trends of 2017: Anticipating the future

The most important or top seven technology trends that are going to rule this year.

Top seven technology trends of 2017: Anticipating the future

Tuesday May 09, 2017,

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We all live in the world that is powered by the latest technology where updates of any genre don’t surprise anyone of us. All these are possible only with the ardent efforts of the giants in technology industry who come up with ideal and best software as well as gadgets to common man. It is relative very much important to understand what you serve in this modern era of technology and also how you serve them to people. The technology giants who are always working towards improvement in this field have come up with top seven technology trends for this new born year-2017. Let’s take a look at those.


* Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are very popular among people and it is used to show the hardware sales in the market. The games that that are powered by Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are quite famous and they have managed to entertain the players to the maximum showing the rising growth of these concepts.

* Machine Learning

2017 is a year where you can see more of the AI coming to a strong position and more people getting used to this for recurrent usage. Deep learning, neutral networks and natural language processing are studied in detail to explore the unlimited possibilities of the same.

* Internet of Things (IoT)

Lots of apps and thousands of various appliances that we all make use of can create wonders if they are associated with a common thread. The New Year looks like a year where the internet concepts can take a real boom and toll on the normal people. Once the IoT is installed it is sure to spoil the normal community with more flexibility and convenience.

* Big Data

Dealing with enormous data is going to be challenging with this world going digital. Big data has seen a lot of development recently with testing and analyzing being the real game changer for businesses. The user predictive analysis and behaviour analytics are used mainly to extract the required information for carrying out the normal operations in business. The big data analysis helps in the easy retrieval of data according to the client’s needs and requirement.

* Automation

2017 is going to be a year of real craze for the automation as its scope is to reach bigger new heights. The combination where machine learning and the automation is there then it will surely give rise to an unimaginable new era. With automation being the new ruler of this IT market the amount of tasks carried out manually is going to be reduced.

* Physical and Digitals Joining Hands

As per experts, eventhough digital world is really attractive it can be made more interesting by including the elements of the day to day world into the same. The e-commerce business units have started the attempt to include the physical store options like Dash buttons to serve their customers better.

* On-Demand Services

Any day to day activity like ordering your favourite food for dinner, booking a cab to go to office can all be done with a few clicks these days. Mere taps on your smart phones can fulfil almost all your needs. The mobile app giants have gone to real heights to make apps for almost all the tasks that a normal person would do in a day. On-Demand services have gained its importance as people responded very positively to these services proving it to going to be stronger in this New Year as well.

* What is your thought about these latest trends?

The important part to be noted is that these predictions for the year 2017 was done by the technological experts and hence is completely or to a great extend reliable. There is a strong base that comes with it and there can also be additions to the given list without hindering the impact of the existing ones. This forecast on trends in technology can help in planning your future business along with the necessary strategies of marketing for the same. This list will also help the people to mainly focus on the major key areas that are likely to become more and more famous in this year. Prepare yourself now at this moment to dominate your business in the market of this new year-2017.

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