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‘You are what you eat.’ This saying goes a long way in the fitness world. 

Saturday August 19, 2017,

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Your diet is one of the major keys to bring about change in your physique. Gaining lean muscles quickly within weeks need to do with a balanced diet and the right exercises.

Here are some tips to tailor design your perfect diet to gain lean muscles within weeks:

The no.1 rule ‘more calories burned than calories consumed’

Yes, it is a fact that you have to eat more to gain more muscles. However, this needs to be done in the right way to make sure that at the end you beef up your muscles and not your body fat.

Cut down carbs

• Do not completely eliminate this food group. Cut down on refined carbohydrates like sugar, white bread, white rice, and pasta.

• Increase high fiber carbohydrates like fibrous vegetables.

• Do consume whole-grain bread, brown rice, and cereals but in moderation. These are better than the white bread and white rice because these are higher in fiber and take longer to breakdown.

• Therefore, they make you feel fuller for longer. However, consume them in moderation, because they can also lead to an increase in calories if over eaten.

Add protein and healthy fat

Concentrate more on lean proteins and fats which are not highly saturated. Not eating healthy fats can actually result otherwise.

• Up your nutrient intake.

• Nutrient rich foods help in muscle growth and muscle repair. They also provide energy to fuel your body

• Make a balanced combination of food groups

• Do not combine only fat and carbs for meals. This will only result in piling up on calories.

• A combination of lean proteins and fats which are not highly saturated are a good combination to build up lean muscles. The pairing of lean protein and high fiber carbs is also a good combination.

Building muscles do require you to eat a lot of protein.

Therefore, do incorporate a higher dosage of this food group but space out the intake to give your body enough time to break it down and absorb it properly.

Portion size and meal time also play a vital role.

• Control your portion size to cater to your needs without going overboard.

• Meal timing is very important in managing body fat levels. When eating more to build up muscles ideal times to have larger meals are at breakfast and post training. During these times the extra calories will go to the muscles for growth and repair rather than to fat build up. Other meals should be of smaller portions and divided evenly throughout the day.

In brief, you need to eat the right kind of food and just enough to help in the muscle gaining process and prevent the fat storing process.

The above diet tips will help you build lean muscles while maintaining your overall body fat and preventing an increase in it.