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Link building ideas for beginners

Link building ideas for beginners

Sunday October 22, 2017,

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If you just started making your Blog, you shouldn't miss out of "5 Link Building Ideas For Beginners ". Most of the websites are running for a while but haven't increase any high quality links yet and If you want to increase your search engine traffics, These are some easy tips that you can start now!


1. Exchange the links to Bloggers

- Research the bloggers based in your country or your niche, list all their websites on the sheet with the DA and Email to contact. When you have enough of your list, choose the ones who has the DA closed to you the most because it would be really hard to contact high DA websites or they might charge you. And don't forget to practice your E-mail outreach and make the first impression like a pro. If you have a good idea to offer them, just write in your e-mail. One thing that we all want is Win-Win, try to think 2 sides from what they / you will get from each other are worth it?

Recomended SEO Checkers >> Moz, SEOreviewtools and WebsiteSEOChecker

2. Directories

- There's so many directories that you can find and leave your links on the website for FREE! This is a good choice for Beginners but it's not the best choice so What you need to do something to make a huge impact is create the best contents for your audience. The contents that will help them solve the problems, that's is the most important key.

I have some of Directories Website that you can go Summit here: Thealmostdone

3. Web boards / Forums / Comments

- Don't make it looks like Spammy! It's not worth it to leave spam comments everywhere because your DA will get lower and wouldn't be good in a long-term. You can go check out Quora and leave the quality answer to the comment and link back to your website if it related. So, first find your niche questions and leave good comments with the link back.

4. Steal links from them

-Once your website gets stronger and you have no ideas what to do now just find some good tools such as MOZ or Ahrefs to check your competitor's external links and see if there are any broken links. When you see a couple links that are broken and related to your niche, next step is to contact them and say

" Hi <name>,

I just came across your website for a while now, really love this content! But I have seen this link is broken, wouldn't be great if the link is still there.

I would appreciate it if you could add this quality article <name> instead of the broken link.

Hope we can discuss further soon!



Obviously, you can make it looks more better than this! As long as it's short and get into your points soon.

5. Guest Posts

- This is very good option to get your name out there. There are so many websites that always open for the guest post that you can find 150 guest post sites here. And also, it's better if you could write in your niche and leave your related article on the website. There're tons of opportunity out there, just start it!

There are some of my easy tips that you can start right now! Read more about "How to write contents hit SEO", to not making any mistakes! If you want to find more channels to make money, this article is for you "How to make money online".