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Zuracart – An Online Apparel Store with a Social Impact!

While there are innumerable e-commerce stores, Zuracart comes with a unique concept of #Buy1Donate1, wherein for every t-shirt they sell, they donate one to a child in need!

Zuracart – An Online Apparel Store with a Social Impact!

Monday December 19, 2016,

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A bright winter morning couldn’t have been brighter – thanks to the lovely smiles on the faces of the little children of LAALANA Welfare Organisation!

Zuracart, the newly launched e-commerce portal that deals exclusively in t-shirts for both men and women, carried out its first donation campaign on the successful completion of its first 30 orders! What is Zuracart and why this donation campaign? Zuracart is an an ecommerce portal from where you can buy amazing t-shirts in funky designs and vibrant colors. The store has a wide variety of designs to offer you and that too in affordable prices! And that’s not just it! For every t-shirt that you buy from Zuracart, they will donate a t-shirt to a child in need. #Buy1Donate1

As a part of this campaign, they donated t-shirts to the children of LAALNA Welfare Organisation, an orphanage located in Nagole, Hyderabad. Here, do not get misled by the word ‘donation’. It was a not regular donation that they indulged in. Zuracart strongly believes that every person should be given the choice to choose. If their customers can buy the t-shirts of their preferred color and design, then these little children should also be able to choose and pick t-shirts that they would love to wear.

So, when t-shirts in different colors, designs and sizes were displayed in front of these 30 young boys and girls, each of them was gleaming with joy and happiness. They came rushing towards the table and were excitedly scourging for their favorite t-shirt. Few of them could not even decide which one to pick! It was an absolute pleasure to watch these little kids and then, I truly understood the difference Zuracart and its customers is aiming to bring in the lives of these children.

Kids picking out t-shirts of their choice

Kids picking out t-shirts of their choice

Sujith, Founder and CEO of Zuracart said, “We, at Zuracart, felt the need to help the little children who are in need of help! And we did not just want to buy and donate clothes to them. We wanted something scalable, something more permanent. Hence, Zuracart was born! And it is not just the efforts of the Zuracart team. It is actually our customers who have believed in us and are making this possible for us! I want to thank each one of them. Zuracart will continue in its efforts to make #Buy1Donate1 a global trend!”


Sujith further added, “I always knew I had to bring a difference in the lives of these children, but today I truly felt it. The sparkle in their eyes made my belief in my mission stronger. This is just the first step, and I want to continue doing this. In future, we will have bigger campaigns and we want to target those sections of children who are really in need and there is every possibility that they go unnoticed.” 

Not just another day in the lives of these kids!

Not just another day in the lives of these kids!

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