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Kids - the epitome of talent

Kids are the future of any society, cult or country. Tap them young !

Thursday May 25, 2017,

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I am an electronics and telecom engineer by education. Always been fascinated by gadgets and gizmos. I was not impressed by their usability or features rather by their creativity. When I was in 6th standard with bare minimum knowledge of how light travels in straight line and bit about convex and concave lenses, I started playing with cameras. Created my own zoom and macro lens. I even had a darkroom setup to develop those old camera rolls (many of you might not even have seen them) and an enlarger to make prints. 

My father was a government officer with B.Tech degree. All my uncles were well educated and in government service mostly. Being eldest boy in the family, everybody had great expectations that I will be a doctor or engineer (I was an average student). So, as a kid my talent to indulge in creative things was just ignored and taken as a child's play.

To cut the story short, I was shown the path towards engineering. Once the college was completed I was directed to go for a job. Private sector was booming and the elders decided that I should join a private telecom company. Strings were pulled, few rounds of interviews and papers were signed. I had to join a big company to take care of Gujarat region for their private exchange business. The joining date was 1st November 1994 (if my memory serves me right). I was so tensed and after rounds of discussions with my friends, i went to the company's office at 5:30 in the evening a day before my joining and told my would be boss that I won't be joining. It was now clear that I am not made for 9 to 5 jobs doing monotonous work. 

After going through various different businesses, eventually I landed where I belonged. Me and my camera. I put my education and passion together and started Kids talent promotion portal which helps to showcase kids talent to the world. Now we shoot portfolios for kid's interested to get into modeling/acting and promote them through KidieZone.com 

The idea is to help the next generation go beyond just becoming doctors, engineers and lawyers. I feel there is a need to explore the creative side of the kids and give them wings to fly and become what they truly deserve and crave for. Let us explore what our kids really want and provide them the right platform to showcase their talent to the world.

KidieZone was started more of as a blog while I concentrated on my other business to earn my bread and butter. Recently (2-3 years back) I have converted it into more productive and interactive platform where parents can register and add profile of their kid. On the other hand the companies seeking kid models for their ad campaigns etc. can post their requirement on the website. This helps parents to directly apply to these companies for the assignments.

It is doing pretty well and we hope to take it on the next level by adding the resources section that will help parents to find suitable vendors/companies/skilled professionals who can polish the talent of their kids. Like if someone is interested to learn music, singing or photography, they should be able to find the right professionals to train them.

Infact it has a potential to go further since we have very dedicated and focussed clientele. We are planning to get into providing e-store for kids fashion, music, furniture etc. Looking forward to find like minded people to build a team.