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Trademark protection in India

In this era, the intellectual property plays an important role in the modern business. Intellectual property is the most imperative piece of the cutting edge business.

Trademark protection in India

Thursday May 24, 2018,

4 min Read


In this era, the intellectual property plays an important role in the modern business. Intellectual property is the most imperative piece of the cutting edge business. Trademark registration is necessary to protect the interest of the mark owner. However, intellectual property is a blend of

1. Copyright

2. Trademark

3. Outline

4. Geological sign

5. Patent

6. Modern plan

7. An integrated circuit, etc. are important resources of any organization. Intellectual Property creates huge competition in the market. It also promotes manufacturer as well as traders to develop the products more effectively and efficiently.

About Trademark

Intellectual property has various branches and Trademark search is one of those branches. A trademark is a wider term which includes

1. Any word

2. Name

3. Image

4. The device in business to recognize and recognize the merchandise of one producer or vendor from products made or sold by others.

In another term, the Trademark is a brand name. Mark can be converted into the brand name after the trademark registration. Trademark distinguish the goods and services from one brand to another.

Proprietor of Trademark

1. Trademark registration gives security to the proprietor or owner of the mark by ensuring the legal rights to use goods and services and stop other traders to use the same mark or sign.

2. Trademark distinguish the services and goods from one trader to other and also it enables the customer to know that is the source of any said product or services.

3. It is like the most important tool for the owner of the trademark and it gives him the right to prevent his mark from different dealers and stop them from the unlawful utilization of the sign of the enlisted mark.

4. The proprietor of the trademark has a privilege to take action against the infringement of his rights and obtain

a. Damages

b. Accounts of Profit

c. Injunctions, etc.

Enlistment of Trademark

1. Any individual who claims to be an owner of the trademark has to apply in writing within the prescribed manner for the trademark registration.

2. The application contains the name of the check, products and ventures, the category in which enterprises fall. Also, the applicant has to mention the name and address with the period of the trademark.

Registration steps of the trademark

1. Trademark search for the name, logo, and stamp proposed to be connected to the trademark.

2. Apply for enrollment of trademark.

3. The registry does the examination of the application. Registry issued the examination report and protests under various areas of the Trademark Act, 1999.

4. Answering to the official protests and if required, request the hearing.

5. Candidate needs to record confirm with the help of the trademark application.

6. Commercial of the trademark in official newspaper/trademark diary with the end goal of restriction recorded by the general population inside 3 months from the date of production.

7. On the off chance that no restriction is gotten, an endorsement of enrollment is issued for the candidate.

8. The legitimacy time of enrollment testament is for a long time and after that, the same can be recharged subject to the installment of re-establishment charges.

Trade Mark Infringement

Trademark infringement means when some violate your exclusive rights such as

1. Patent

2. Copyright, and

3. Trademark

When any other business owner or trader use the same mark in order to sell his goods or services. It might make your customer confused with the product of some other manufacturer or trader. Infringement of trademark implies utilization of a mark, brand or logo by a man other than the owner of the mark/trademark.

According to Trademark Act, the mark is infringed in the following cases

1. If it is discovered the duplicate of an entire enlisted mark with a couple of increments and changes.

2. The infringement check is utilized as a part of the course of exchange.

3. The utilization of the encroached check is printed or regular portrayal of the stamp. However, any oral utilization of the trademark is not an infringement.

4. If the mark has nearly resembled with your mark, which might confuse the customer.