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The need for artificial intelligence in mobile app development

The need for artificial intelligence in mobile app development

Friday February 09, 2018,

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Innovators in the science field are not the only ones concerned with Artificial intelligence. It is also of great interest, exploration, and expansion to those in the business world and mobile app development in particular. When most people hear AI, they immediately picture Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. However, they’re not the only Artificial intelligence systems out there as there seems to be a growing demand for AI this year. It is no surprise to, therefore see that a lot of Top app development companies are integrating artificial intelligence into their apps.

2017 has seen artificial intelligence rise to be one of the hottest topics in startup companies and other businesses.

 A lot of tech companies are becoming interested in AI investment such as Google’s acquisition of DeepMind for about $400 million. AI has a lot of uses from security to e-commerce and is not restricted to digital assistants. There are several entrepreneurs, and Indian app develops that are building intelligence apps to help transform the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence: What is it?

Many people – thanks to all the buzz – have heard the word artificial intelligence being mentioned around, but not a lot know what it is.

Artificial intelligence is essentially a computer or a machine that possesses the capacity to decipher problems that humans solve using their natural intelligence. 

AI can be used to satisfy a lot of purposes, but in the framework of mobile app development, they are typically embedded in chatbots. A lot of mobile app companies are making use of artificial intelligence as a means of retaining their users.

There have also been several predictions stating that Artificial Intelligent app development will be a part of the top ten premeditated trends of 2017. AI is now being embedded into various categories of a mobile enterprise app.

How Will Mobile AI Impact Businesses?

The accomplishment of Artificial Intelligence mobile apps has already shown itself in the retail industry with giants like Amazon, eBay, and others. Thanks to the increase in consumer demand, and the technological advancements today, Top app development companies have recognized that AI mobile apps are the next major investment option for businesses.

A lot of tech giants have started integrating AI algorithms in their products so it can strategically appeal to their users. This will give businesses the opportunity to engage with their users on a deep level the same way the delivery service of Amazon’s prime operates.

Additionally, a lot of devices and applications will have to be rewritten with the newly developed AI algorithms so they can adjust their strategy to match observed user behavior. Also, businesses can then use the data collected by these apps through POS machines, online traffic and many more.

But what truly makes mobile devices the perfect platform for AI apps is the full range of personalization that it allows. Smartphones can monitor a user’s location, so if artificial intelligence is integrated into mobile apps, it’ll make it much more relevant and give a more personalized user experience. It can also be useful in learning more about user behavior to make each app session more cherished than the one before it, as well as to increase total user retention ratio.

Reasons for AI Integration in Mobile App Development

1. Need of the Hour

In the early days of smartphones – back when they were just getting attention – Android and iOS apps were somewhat fragmented. Top app development companies in India, as well as manufacturers of mobile devices, weren’t keen on the idea of users scrolling through the millions of apps present in the Android and iOS app store. Because of this, a lot of effort has gone into ensuring an easy search and navigation system was put in place and Artificial intelligence technology seems to fit rather well in this solution. AI will help to provide users and developers the power of voice when performing tasks.

Apart from that, the Internet of Things (IoT) has created a lot of buzz, and the voice interface integration that AI brings makes for excellent development. Home appliances, watches, mobile phones, security systems, all of these are devices that are connected to each other, and we make use of them on a regular basis so having different interfaces can cause some confusion. Artificial intelligence provides a single voice interface that helps to easily connect your devices, giving users a better access and control of the devices around them.

2. Personalized User Experience

A lot of apps were created to make people’s lives easier. But nowadays, a lot of users don’t care to make the time to spend on each app on their phone. So the idea of something that’ll respond to the personalized need of each user has a lot of appeals. Here’s an example to illustrate. Starbucks came up with an app – My Starbucks Barista – where you can state what you want and the app will place an order for you based on your preferences.

Mobile phones apps are incredibly compatible with the integration of AI technology because smartphones already contain a lot of user information. Smartphones can detect a user’s location and provide a personalized location-based solution for the user query. Smartphones include all kinds of features that allow the behavioral patterns of users to be studied and recorded. This provides the app feature designed for each user’s individual needs an, in turn, lead to user retention.

3. Innovative Developers

In today’s smartphone society, you cannot hand over anything less than a smart app to users. The demand for the more intuitive and interactive app is rising as the people who are always searching for apps to install never run out of options. Instead, they have more apps than they can peruse so getting users hooked on an app and retaining them isn’t that easy.

With the changing trends in the world of IoT and AI, it helps a lot to be in sync with all the changes so you can program your apps to make it convenient for your users even as the changes take place. Top app development companies possess the resources and more than enough knowledge to keep up with the rising trends in the app development market.