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Former design trends those are not so cool anymore

Saturday August 05, 2017,

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Design styles keep on evolving constantly and most of us are affected by these changes. There are few of us who are little slower to learn new skills and evolve slower. Below is the list of few design trends that used to be cool but today appear to be outdated and ugly. If you are stuck on these trends even today, it is the high time to move on.

The key to analyzing design trends is to know that that are not good or bad, though they are a way to remember the tastes of bygone eras. In fact, they work as fantastic lessons on how the style trends have evolved in the recent years.

The parallax website galore: Parallax websites look pleasing to the eyes, they used to be like gems and appeared perfect to the regular users. But today, they are everywhere and the beauty of it is almost dead now and even the web design blogs are shunning from offering parallax tutorials these days. These websites are good for introducing services or products that do not need a lot of text to explain the things but a fancy presentation would be good enough to help. Other than this, these websites are heavy and take time to load and users with lower internet speed with despise and are likely never to return again.

Floating elements in the website: There is a big fascination about floating elements in a website. They include menu bars that stick even when users have scrolled down to the footer, floating sidebar advertisements and social media icons that beg to be clicked. This is bad because people with small screens find it difficult to see the content and design wise too it does not look pleasing at all.

Popups and Splash pages: Splash pages are a thing of past and must not be used at all. Popups too are a necessary evil and people are likely to hate them, so it is good to avoid them as much as possible.

It is either because of necessity or passion that the things mentioned above were born, but over usage of these can irritate users and they are likely to leave the website. Designing, after all, is about making people comfortable so make a website that offers ease and does not make them feel irritated.

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