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India the country of miracles

The famous artist Shaya Weinberger has recently visited India, and he likes it

Wednesday June 28, 2017,

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Shaya Weinberger was one of the selected candidates that visited India at this year’s World Symposium from 11 to 20 April. Seeing India for the first time, brought up a lot of different emotions. The country’s rich culture is perfectly reflected through its vibrant colors and landscapes. Shaya felt similar inspiration while staying in exotic destinations like Iran, China, and Bolivia. After visiting India you can’t stay indifferent. It is a place where the East meets the West in a synthesis of events, history, and culture, says Weinberger.

People don’t call it incredible without a reason. The country is a huge, rich, populous, exotic, spiritual and open, and her specialty is that it never ceases to intrigue. India has a surprising diversity. While walking the city streets, he discovered a colorful diversity of religion, castes, culture and language. Although at first glance it seems confusing and harsh, India is a country that fascinates. The monumental art reveals the legends and interesting stories from the past, while the traditional dances and colorful clothing are rich of cultural life and historical heritage. At every corner, there is something incredible. Seeing modern business people moving through the streets next to traditionally dressed Hindus is a common sight only in India.

Traveling through this incredible country, was one big adventure for Mr. Weinberger. The spirit of India is a perfect combination of modern-day life, crowded bazaars, vibrant colors, music, and aromas blend with unusual spices. The country’s capital, Delhi is a story for itself. Delhi is a mix of old, traditional and new. Another interesting thing that he learned on this trip, is the about that India has over 1,652 languages. This shows just how vast and diverse this country is. By 2028, India will become the most populated country, surpassing China. According to official estimates, in less than 14 years, India will have about 1.45 billion residents. India is a truly unique country. For him, this was an experience that he will never forget. This country is full of mysteries and curiosities that leave you breathless.

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