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Tips to improve your communication skill

Be the best communicator in a global language . Some tips  are listed below for your reference.

Thursday April 13, 2017,

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Communication is an essential part of work and life more about sharing our ideas and thoughts with others. It’s about understanding the feelings and goals behind the information. Good Communication is like a two-way road. It’s not just how you pass your message and at the same time your message should be clear, a receiver should understand your message and make a reply to you.

One of the greatest challenges that employees face is how to speak with manager and Director. To avoid this kind of problems attends Spoken English Classes to improve your fluency in English. Let us discuss few tips about how to improve our communication skills.

Reduce Your Speaking Speed

You may be a fluent speaker with regards to your primary language, however expecting similar standards from yourself when talking in the English language may not be practical.

Particularly, you're at the early stage of learning. Learners are frequently educated not to worry about their mistakes, you can learn only by your mistakes. To overcome this you may try to reduce your speaking speed.

While addressing an audience, speak slowly and clearly. Native speakers do the same to convey their messages. Choose your words accurately, this may also show the sign of respect towards your gathering of people. It shows that you need to give them an ideal answer.

Listen effectively

Concentrate on active listening instead of passive listening. The difference is -- active listening you engage with people based on what they said and responding to them. Passive listening is hearing someone’s speech without responding. When speaking in the English language you need more attention on what you are speaking, check whether it’s correct or not. This means you need to pay attention to what others are speaking, here most of us fail to hear other’s speech.

So stay focused on what others speak this is the most important one to improve our communication.

Keep an eye contact

Keep an eye contact while talking with others, these tricks help others understand your interest in that conversation. These tactics keep you engaged and less diverted.

Learn Sentences, Not Only Words

Instead of learning words better you read the sentence while learning a new word, try to memorize that word with a couple of sentences so that you can easily remember that word.

I suggest you attend Spoken English Classes in Chennai while attending classes you may get an opportunity to speak with more people; this will help you to improve your communication skills.