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How to know if counselling is the right job for you

Counselling is an advice which a counselor or other expert gives to someone about a particular problem.

How to know if counselling is the right job for you

Tuesday March 06, 2018,

3 min Read

Counselling is gaining more recognition in its ability to help people with mental health problems. In fact, the NHS recommends counselling as a form of talk therapy to help with many mental conditions. The implementation of different programs which aim to improve access to counselling and recruit more counsellors may be a good sign of shifting to a counselling career. However, there are several things that you should know before jumping into a Counselling Career.


Some people may think that counselling is not a difficult job since all you have to do is sit and listen to other people talk about their life for hours. No, counselling is not just that. 

Counselling is not a career for those who only want financial gain and instant gratification. It is a profession for people with a higher level of self-awareness, empathy, and desire to help others. If you possess these traits, counselling might just be the right career for you.

You must have specific skills and characteristics that are needed to help you provide highly individualised and effective counselling. Listed here are some of the qualities to be a successful counsellor:


Empathy is an essential trait in counselling. While every person can empathise, not everyone has the same degree of empathy. Some people can easily understand and feel what other people feel more than the others. A person who has gone through a lot of experiences in life can better relate and understand another person's mood, personality, and way of thinking. Personal experiences help in developing one's empathy which is beneficial in counselling. Understanding other people's feelings without judging them is one of the most important qualities of an effective counsellor.


Being sensitive to other people's feelings, needs, and problems are advantageous in counselling. Your level of comfort in handling emotional problems is critical in developing your sensitivity. When you are more sensitive to other people's well being, you will find it easier to be more attentive to their issues which will encourage them to open up to you. Making them feel that they are important to you is primary in gaining their trust even on your first meeting. Remember that establishing a healthy relationship is important for your counselling to be effective.


When giving advice, you must be able to deliver them in a way that the other person can fully understand. Identifying the best approach in giving advice is relevant for the counselling to be effective. For instance, if your client is more receptive in positive reinforcement or if he or she prefers straightforward advice or response, your approach in such cases need to be different. Knowing the best way to deal with the person seeking your counselling will help you gain his/her confidence and trust in your practice.


A counsellor deals with diverse people on a daily basis that's why flexibility is necessary for this practice. People with different problems walk into your office to seek help to get rid of stress, anxiety and their mental health problems. Being flexible is required to render individualised counselling specific to your client's needs. Counselling is not a one-size-fits-all method of problem-solving which is why comprehensive training and experience are required in a Counselling Career.

Most of these qualities are inherent in some people who are naturally attracted to giving help to those people in need. If you feel like counselling is the right career path for you, take the time to enhance your skills through counselling courses that will mold you to become an expert in this industry.