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Top UI/UX design firms

Who are the top UI/UX design across the world?

Top UI/UX design firms

Thursday August 17, 2017,

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UI/UX has become one of the most important aspects of modern era devices which come in different sizes. Clients/Consumers wants consistent UI/UX across all platforms and devices.

There are various stages of UI/UX design which are as follows.

1) Brainstorming:

Brainstorming is generally done by various stake holders like project manager, designer, testers, developers etc. When they discussed together brings all suggestions and ideas on board to make a clear concept of the application/website. In the end, it is ensured all stake holders are on the same page.

2) Wireframe Creation:

Generally, wireframes show all the important elements on the application/page itself like buttons, radio buttons, text boxes, placement image holders, scrollable text view etc. Arranging wireframes in the correct sequence is also important. You can get feedback from various stake holders about whether the designed wireframes are technically and functionally possible or not. All this process ensures picking up the right set of wireframes.

3) Design Creation:

Now Designers are all set to fill every detail into the wireframe like colours, shades, filters, effects, animation etc. The natural outcome is a clickable prototype with screen flow, which provides clear idea of how software/app/website will work.

If above process is followed then ambiguity at later stages can be avoided. It's always wise to invest time in the above-mentioned process.

I think we have talked enough UI/UX stages, now let's have a look at top UI/UX Design firms.

1. AppClues Studio

AppClues Studio is a team of outstanding developers and expert designers crafting every pixel with love & laughter. It's a designer's paradise that encourages innovation and breeds on the culture of humility. Our team's main target is to build products that people will love. They are a team of experts in UI/UX, research and strategy. Your idea goes to various processes as per their standards and finally, they will lock into the perfect look for your product. Once visual details are finalised then designers will create the final pixel-perfect screens.

2. Brave UX

They are full-spectrum UI/UX agency that designs and builds complex application user interfaces. They get delighted to use their problem-solving ability and love to work with the amalgamation of technology and smart people to make products that user will love. After going through various types of testing they built complex app interfaces. Every day, they help clients with their needs across the entire spectrum of UI/UX.

3. Clay

They are UI/UX design firm based in San Francisco. They create digital experiences that people love, they built from SaaS and enterprise software to mobile apps and website marketing. They work as one team with their clients in an agile methodology. 

Some of their key Services are as follows:

UI/UX Design

Mobile and Web Development


Prototyping and User Testing

Product Strategy

4. Momentum Design Lab

Momentum is a design thinking-based and technology driven company. It's a UI/UX design agency specializing in digital product innovation, digital transformation and customer experience design. Their team's main objective is to create a niche brand out of your products and also emphasize on marketing and branding. We believe in dreamers and doers that continue to change the world.

5. Fuzzy Math

Fuzzy Math is a digital UI/UX agency based in Chicago with clients worldwide. With thorough research and design, they help their clients and make their users happy. People at Fuzzy Math love their job and enjoy working together. It is regarded as one of the industry leaders in UI/UX design. Keeping in mind business model of the client good design must be implemented. We always start with sketching clients business model, imagine the users who are going to use this product and study the available alternatives. The only possible outcome is the design that works. Our clients consist of many Fortune 500 companies like GE Healthcare, Hyatt, Microsoft, Mayo Clinic, and more.