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Startup with multiple potential IPs approach

Startup with multiple potential IPs approach

Saturday July 28, 2018,

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We come from a product development background, where R&D and converting ideas into implementation is our expertise, this attitude I took from industry with almost 15years of IT experience. So we wanted to start a product based startup especially in our hometown (Belgaum District, Karnataka). 

Belgaum is a prosperous city, with acceptance attitude and centrally located in the triangle of 3 states Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa. Initially, it was a self-funded startup, we built a Software product – which was self-learning for PU Science students especially for CET, IIT AIEE, theory and lab (“Genius Mind”). As there is a huge market for this product here with a strong need for it.

 As product is unique it took some time for us to penetrate into market, but we could generate revenue to sustain very soon we also received good appreciation and support from market. Product Quality and practical use of product conveyed our technology development capabilities and business knowledge, It resulted in angel funding from some close friends, since it was angel funding we decided to build potential IPs (Intellectual property/ Product ) using funds from angel investors instead of spending it on marketing of our product “Genius Mind”.

With our Angel investors ( friends) we made a strategy where we will use our funding for IP developments , and market creation of IPs as many as possible , which can help us to raise multiple rounds of funds for each IP from different investors, so that we can plan for revenue generations, marketing strategy from the second round of funding . Our thought was clear build IPs(Intellectual property/ Product ) and using funds from Angle investment and second round of funding can help build marketing and business Fabric for us.

Today we hold the following products:

1. Genius Mind – Self-learning product for PU students for CET, IIT, Theory, and Lab

2. Digital City Platform

         a. Paperless Academic Management automation ecosystem  ( Ready customer base and well accepted in the market, early revenue generation phase)

        b. Commodity automation ecosystem  ( Launching stage )

       c. Hotel automation ecosystem  (Final Developmental stage)

      d. Pharmaceutical automation ecosystem  (prototype stage )

       e. Election automation ecosystem  (prototype stage )

      f. Many another interconnected ecosystem possible here

cross domain connected ERP 

cross domain connected ERP 


3. Algorithmic Trading platform 

       a. Equity Trading (( product ready initial revenue Generation phase )

      b. Bitcoin Trading platform  (POC phase)

       c. Option and future trading platform for india and international market ( Ideation phase)



4. Quick tune (Patent Filled ) (Mobile Communication VAS domain , looking for investor)

5. Universal standards for Data Security – ( patent in progress )



6. Multi Session Traffic Generator (Network Security Domain )

Above IPs are spinned under a company named Anthropic Softwares Pvt Ltd , its 4 Directors company such as Mohammadayyaz A Mulla ,  F T Jamadar , Prathima M J and Md.Ali , we are located in Belgaum , at Sadashiv Nagar , we have 10 active full time working technical resources.