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The role of content marketing in SEO

Wednesday July 12, 2017,

4 min Read

Content has become a part and parcel of the entire marketing world thanks to Google and its updates. Content marketing on the internet is increasingly becoming popular, so much so that in the U.S alone an average user visits 400 websites every month, according to a study made by 2017 State of the Creator Economy. This leads any average website visitor to read nearly 200 blogs per month, out of which many will be marketing for something. If we take away content marketing from the internet, there will be far less blogs to read and there will probably be more news articles than any lifestyle and technology article.

The point of writing a blog is that people read your content and become more aware of the things happening around them. However, if the blogs do not reach the readers or do not attract a large amount of audience then you may be going at a loss. Social media has solved that problem for many bloggers as it has given content creators multiple platforms to share their work, which garners a lot of readership. Yet, this is not the only way you may be able to attract more readers, another method of increasing your blog visitors is through independent SEO or by obtaining SEO services from another organization.

Promotion of Services:

Just as SEO works to benefit content and blogs, SEO is also dependent on the written matter in some scenarios. This is because content marketing has the ability to generate genuine leads and engage the reader more appropriately than any picture. A well-writtenpiece of content can providecontext of the service or product that you are promoting. It will also give the writer a chance to highlight the features of the promotion in a better way than most internet ads. When the user visits the website or the funnel you intend them to visit through your article, you will then have a lower bounce rate.

Organic Traffic through Search Engine:

Google may not be the only search engine in existence, but it is the most widely used around the world. This also means that it has a strict set of policies regarding organic traffic. A well-written content that relates to the attached link in the article can let you generate immense traffic and will have no difficulty in passing through Google’s scrutinizing process. Content relevancy will also improve your chances of converting organic traffic into high-quality sales leads and a high conversion rate.

Better ROI:

SEO done through content marketing also improves ROI for the promoters. Companies who have worked with content marketing to sell their products and services have a higher chance of ROI as compared to those who do not. This also means that companies can expect to have a one-time investment on writing content, instead of spending that money on marketing the product across the social media.

Keyword Density:

The more a keyword is used in the written content, the better potential it has to be on top of the search engine. It provides better chances for the people associated with SEO to market the promotion and derive traffic that is organic. Furthermore, the more the keyword is used in an article, the better the chance it has on increasing its rank. Although it is tough for a keyword to reach the top spot but with good content you can always expect to acquire organic traffic.

In this day and age, when people are so influenced by what results the search engine provides them with, SEO and content marketing have become interdependent. They have the potential to highlight any website and get immense traffic with the right text. With a great content combined with SEO, it is impossible that your website won’t be hosting a good amount of traffic.

Author Bio

Saad Muhammad Khan is a business grad and has been a writer, editor and content marketer for the last 7 years. He is currently working with a company that specializes in SEO services in California and plans to take the SEO writing to a whole new level.