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8 Extensions Every Magento Ecommerce Store Should Know About

8 Extensions Every Magento Ecommerce Store Should Know About

Thursday January 31, 2019,

7 min Read

When considering the most popular ecommerce platform we have several credible and well-known options with millions of users and a worldwide following. But few names just creeps up instantly in the mind like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and maybe a few others. But if you know the ecommerce business from within, if you know the mission-critical aspects if flexibility and value additions that really matter for an online store, it doesn't take long to choose Magento as the most popular ecommerce platform.

Around 500,000 websites all over the world are powered by Magento and the ecommerce solution backs online stores that generate more than $100 billion in annual revenue. According to a recent report by Builtwith shows that Magento powers 10% of top 100,000 websites that include a vast majority of retail giants and top-notch online brands.

This stupendous success of Magento can mainly be attributed to the wide array of powerful, feature-rich and value-packed Magento extensions and plugins that also help web apps by delivering a more customised experience.

Why Magento for Ecommerce web application?

Since Magento came into being back in 2008 it continued to transform the ecommerce stores by offering unmatched flexibility, the scope of customisation, robust scalability to meet evolving business needs and most sophisticated features and design elements for rewarding user experience. No wonder, this versatile CMS solution is used by millions of ecommerce websites and online stores now.

For an ecommerce store, Magento offers a robust reserve of sophisticated tools for a more customised, user-centric and effortless shopping experience. As an ecommerce CMS solution Magento allows accommodating as many as 500.000 products on a single store and is capable to handle 80,000 product orders in an hour. Such tremendous scalability and flexibility make Magento stands out. But this couldn't have been possible without the thousands of rich extensions adding features continuously to the store.

A wide array of Magento extensions

As we have already discussed, the famous efficiency and resulting popularity of Magento can mainly be attributed to the thousands of sophisticated plugins and extensions that continue to add more value to the shopping experience of any Magento ecommerce web application. Here we have picked up 7 must-have Magento extensions that any ecommerce store running on this CMS will find extremely beneficial. Let's have a look.

1. Magento 2 Live Chat

For every small business engaging every visitor and converting business from as many as visitors is extremely important. But the question is how to convert visitors into positive steps towards business conversion. Or to be more precise, what should you do as and when a visitor appears on your page? Well, you can make a great push for business conversion through personalised live chat. According to a study by MarTech, 51% of purchases are more likely to happen across online stores thanks to Live Chat communication.

The Magento 2 Live Chat Extension from Landofcoder comes as a great tool to incorporate this feature into your Magento website. It comes with a clean and appealing interface and helps faster engagement with the quick chat function. All the small business stores that cannot constantly ensure online presence with live support, will find this extension incredibly helpful.

2. Shipworks

Achieving growth through an online store requires a lot of work and continuous involvement. Shipworks is a great extension to take care of granular level activities that play a crucial role in business conversion, customer retention, loyalty building, etc. The plugin offers label creation, email marketing, updating orders, etc. No wonder in the fact that the extension is extensively used by major logistic and carrier brands including the likes of DHL, FedEx, etc.

3. Sweettooth Extension

Sweet Tooth is known all over the globe as an irreplaceable marketing partner for digital ventures as the tool comes with robust features and capability to incorporate customised and flexible loyalty programs for merchants all over the globe. Sweet Tooth offers unmistakable influence in making the sales basket bigger besides playing a key role in retaining customers and driving loyalty. No wonder, this Magento extension is used by leading brands and ecommerce stores all over the globe.

4. Price Slider Daffodil

Searching for products demands effortless scope of customisation for the customers to find what they need easily and as quickly as possible. A vast majority of buyers simply leave a store without making a purchase just because they do not find something great right within their affordable price range. To prevent this to happen you must allow them searching within every possible price range. This cool Magento extension allows users to specify the price range for all their chosen products. Use this tool to help users finding their needful easily and thus to boost conversion.

5. FAQ

We often have questions in mind while browsing products in a physical store or an online store. But while in physical stores we can go up to the store attendant and get our query resolved within minutes, we are helpless without an FAQ page or a Live Chat function in online stores. An FAQ page with answers for all Frequently Asked Questions can relieve us of our doubts and make our shopping experience more enjoyable. This free and useful plugin by Magento development company MagePrince allows you to create an FAQ page in minutes and help users with the answers they need most.

6. Abandoned Cart Email

Shoppers abandoning their carts without completing the purchase is the biggest aching problem for most online stores and it amounts to million dollars of business. Most online stores are clueless about preventing such abandoned carts and converting the unfinished sales into purchases. This is where this useful Magento extension comes to help.

The extension developed by Magewares can send customers personalised emails to boost conversion of the abandoned carts. The extension allows sending an unlimited number of emails to customers. You can also incentivise your remarketing campaign with coupons thanks to this extension. The extension also allows you to identify the customers individually and see when they are active.

7. Yotpo Product Reviews

It is one of the most popular Magento extensions to give your ecommerce store the boost of positive reviews. As most customers these days give importance to good reviews for their buying decisions, you need to make sure your reputation shows through customer reviews as well.

This extension will allow the users to review your products right when using your store and post the reviews across channels without leaving the site. As leaving the store for reviews can actually drive away some traffic, the tool will help you retaining traffic while not missing on the product reviews.

8. Embedded ERP

If you are ambitious about your online business and want to grow continuously, using an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a must. This software suite helps any business whether large or small managing all business applications and a multitude of operations from a single platform. As your store grows with traffic and sales volume, you need a robust ERP solution to take care of multiple tasks in an organised fashion.

Embedded ERP developed by Boostmyshop in 2010 is a robust ERP tool for Magento stores and presently it powers more than 4,000 websites. This sophisticated extension can take a big portion of the load corresponding to resource planning and management.


From the above-mentioned examples of value-added extensions the benefits and the mission-critical role played by the extensions for the Magento ecosystem are quite obvious. Millions of Magento ecommerce stores attribute their success to Magento extensions helping their store to be more user-centric, appropriately featured, flexible and value-focused.