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How to Recover website from Google Panda

Today trend is moving around the Google, a most popular search engine which provide us lots of features and functionality. Google is the key of our business success as it promotes our business using digital channel world widely. Not only this, Google answers all our queries with several alternatives.

Tuesday January 03, 2017,

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How Google Helps in Promoting our Brand?

We heard a term Digital Marketing which refers to the process of promoting our products or brand world widely using digital channel named Internet. For promotion, digital marketing uses two main platforms namely Search Engine and Social Media sites. In the market, several search engines are available but the most demandable is Google which offers flexibility in use as well as advance functionality to effectively perform our tasks.

Google Brand Promotion

Google offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for digitally promoting the brand. The main purpose of brand promotion is to guide and educate the brand audience about the brand and its features. I think you are thinking about Search Engine Optimization. Thus, several questions are jumping in our mind that what is search engine and how it proves fruitful for our business. Let’s answer all your queries one by one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to the process of gaining the attention of targeted audience, enhancing web presence, and improving website ranking over the search engine. The ultimate objective of SEO is to achieve the higher conversion rate to ensure maximum profitability and returns on investment. Generally, there are two types of SEO techniques namely White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO means promoting brand by following all the guidelines of search engine. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO means promoting brand without considering search engine guidelines and rules.

How Google Ensures Greater Profitability for Our Brand?

Benefits of using Google are as follow:

• Promoting brand world widely

• Increasing website visibility by improving website elements like content and text

• Enhancing website ranking

• Ensuring large amount of quality traffic

• Ensuring higher conversion rate

Google is not limited to this. It offers several new and advanced features which ensure greater success in our business. From them, Google Panda is one. Now, you surely will be thinking about Google Panda.

Google Panda

Today, Google Panda is the most popular algorithm of Google that effectively analyzing the reason of low ranking of our website. To enhance website presence, Google Panda helps in removing those websites who’s using low quality content. This will helps in improving the quality of search engine result page. Due to Google Panda, several websites losses their ranking as Google Panda penalized their website by removing them from the search engine result page.

Google Panda is a domain level penalty. Do you have any ideas about what is domain level Penalty? If not, then don’t worry. We are going to discuss the meaning of domain level penalty. Initially, if you are using low quality content in your website then Google Panda only penalized your content. After penalized, if again your content is low quality or you didn’t remove earlier content then your whole domain will be penalized. This is the process of domain level penalty.

We are well aware from the news that Google rolled out the Google Panda globally. We always talk about effective and efficient SEO of our website which will increase web traffic for our website and also improve the ranking. Google Panda algorithm gives more emphasis on the proper SEO of our website. As per Google Panda, proper SEO is mandatory for all business websites where we deeply analysis on site level and content level SEO techniques for enhancing and improving both by maintaining quality.

Before we find out ways to recover website from Google Panda algorithm, let’s first discuss what types of websites are not up to the mark as per Google Panda:

• A website which has low quality content

• A website which works as content farm

• A website which consists useless pages indexed in Google

• A website which has improper SEO technique utilization

• A website which consists duplicate content

• A website which promotes too many brands and consists several advertisements

• A website which consists content that uses improper or poor grammar

• A website which takes large time in loading other webpages

• Due to less knowledge, a website uses SEO technique which is over-optimization

Hope this will help in understanding that how Google Panda works and who get more affected by Google Panda algorithm.After discussing much about Google Panda, we can conclude the following factors about it:

• Google Panda is a domain level penalty

• Low level content can drop website ranking

• Quality is the best way to describe trust as per Google Panda

• Sometimes Google Panda also degrade website ranking

• Over SEO optimization harm website visibility

Now, one question is raised in everyone mind that how to get rid from the effect of Google Panda.

Steps to shadow the Google Panda Effect from our website:

Write quality content

As per Google Panda, the website is in high ranking if it consists quality content. Quality content means that the website content is rich of quality keywords and information effectively describe the business objective as well as goal. Additionally, quality content should follow all the rules of English grammar.

Remove unnecessary pages/posts from Google search

To get rid from the Google Panda penalty, we should remove unnecessary information from our website that will reduce the time of loading website or web pages. Google Panda ranked top only those websites which consists few number of pages and these pages consist quality information.

Remove Low quality content

We all know that Google Panda is a domain level penalty. Thus, we should remove all the low quality content from our website and save us from domain level penalty of Google Panda. If we use low quality content the first Google Panda penalized our content. After this, if we further use the same content then it penalized our domain for it.

Remove Poor Links

We should remove all the poor or failed links from the website as these can impact bad on the ranking of our website. As per Google Panda, poor or failed links means that website is not up to the mark and can’t gain the attention of audience.

Use Powerful SEO Techniques

If we are talking about website visibility and ranking, then we should use powerful SEO techniques in our website. Powerful SEO means that website is comprised with high quality content which is rich of quality keywords. All these keywords are in easy reach of a search engine. Additionally, we also take care about other elements of website and their placement like graphics, web page titles and heading, and more.

The most important step to get rid from Google Panda is that website should be designed effectively with the powerfully implementation of SEO technique. In the field of web development and powerful SEO implementation, JanBask Digital Design is the name which is ranked number one at Washington DC.