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Preparing for the SNAP test? Here’s all you need to know to get started!

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

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Getting ready for an MBA course at Symbiosis and not sure where to start? You’ve arrived at the right place. Allow us to take you through the complete process for taking entrance into any of the MBA courses offered by Symbiosis. Read on to discover more!

Registering for the SNAP Test:

The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test is an all India entrance test for applying to any of the Masters in Business Management courses offered by Symbiosis. The MBA entrance exams form one of the first steps towards building a fulfilling career in the field of management. This year, the test is being conducted online for the first time so that the candidates are able to take the test in relative ease from the comfort of a center in their own city.

The test is a multiple choice test that is specifically meant for the aspirants of Symbiosis MBA/MSc (CA)/MSc (SS) programmes that are offered by the Symbiosis International University. Upon registration for SNAP, the candidate is also required to register for their choice of institute which is offering the masters programme of their choice.

This year, the SNAP test will be held across 102 cities in India. This will enable a large number of interested students to easily participate in the test without having to travel too far to find a center near their place of residence.

The SNAP Exam Format:

Giving the SNAP exam for Symbiosis admission is the next stage of the process once you’re done with the exam registrations. This exam consists of four modules. Here’s all you need to know about them:

i. General English Test

This is a test of your vocabulary and grammar usage abilities in English. The test measures your linguistic abilities as well as your communication skills.

ii. Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency Test

This portion of the test measures your abilities to understand the intricacies of data along with assessing your techniques to interpret and understand how it’s structured. The test gauges your abilities to correctly perform quantitative analysis when provided with the necessary data.

iii. Current Affairs Test

This test takes a look at your knowledge of recent happenings as well as current affairs and worldwide trends in general while testing your understanding of politics, geology, history and the like.

iv. Analytical and Logical Reasoning Test

This is a test of your logic based skillsets and your abilities to analyze a problem situation – in order to come up with the appropriate mechanisms for resolving the said situation.

The test lasts for a total period of 120 minutes. Right answers are awarded full marks while wrong answers get 25% negative marking. This year’s test would be conducted on the 17th of December, 2017, between 14:00 and 16:00 hours.

We hope you found this overview of the SNAP test useful. We wish you good luck in cracking one of the biggest management entrance tests in India!