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Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabrics

Wish to wear something different from the regular garments being bought by thousands of people online? Try something that is unique, yet affordable.

Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabrics

Tuesday December 13, 2016,

4 min Read

Hollyflower | Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabric | Textile Digital Printing

Hollyflower | Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabric | Textile Digital Printing

Remember the times when our parents would get our clothes stitched? It was quite common to have a sewing machine at home, and mothers would stitch clothes as well as furnishings like cushion covers and pillow cases. In the new millennium, those days got replaced by the convenience of shopping malls, followed by online shopping of garments. Today, getting clothes or furnishings custom stitched has become a luxury, and is a far more expensive option than buying something from an e-commerce site.

Here’s presenting an option for you to get fabric custom made, without having to burn a hole in your pocket. So, you can have something unique instead of what thousands of people are buying. Digital printing has made it possible for you to get your choice of design on a variety of fabrics, easily and affordably.

Hollyflower | Digital Printing on Fabric | Digital Textile Printing Machine

Hollyflower | Digital Printing on Fabric | Digital Textile Printing Machine

Digital Printing on Fabric Brings Many Advantages

Digital printing on Fabric Technology offers a plethora of advantages:

• Order as low as 1 meter of fabric: With digital fabric printing, you can get material printed of any size or dimension you wish. Even if you want a one-meter cloth printed, it is possible, since digital printing allows the printing of smaller runs much more effectively. Conventional methods of printing required larger minimum amounts of fabric on account of the longer setup time.

• Highly affordable: Digital textile printing uses less space that the conventional rotary screen printing. Moreover, it uses less power and ink. All these factors keep the costs low. Therefore, you can get digital printing done without having to shell out a lot of money.

• Environment friendly: Of course, you’d love to contribute towards preserving the environment. Digital fabric printing involves very low power and water consumption as compared to conventional printing. Moreover, it uses significantly less ink and minimizes wastage, when compared to screen printing. Considering the other forms of chemical waste from screen printing, digital printing offers a much more environment friendly process.

• More variety: More variety of designs, images, graphics and unlimited variety of colors can be printed with this technology. This increases the choices available to you for fashion and interior decoration.

• What you see is what you get: With digital printing, the accuracy of colour as well as print is immaculate. So, if you’re seeing a design in an image, you can be sure that the colour and print would be exactly the same when the fabric has been printed.

These were some of the advantages of digital printing technology. Now I am going to talk a little about the company that I have found in 2014.

Hollyflower | Digital Printing on Fabric | Digital Textile Machine

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Your Desire is Our Command

At Hollyflower, you can choose from a wide range of designs. Not only this, you can tweak the design according to what appeals to you more. If you have a particular design, you can simply upload or send your design and place an order for your choice of fabric to be printed with that design.

Talking about the fabric, Hollyflower offers you printing on top quality polyester based fabrics, such as Georgette, American Crepe and Japan Satin. You can rest assured that the fabric would be of export quality.

When deciding to get your design printed, you needn’t be bothered about being forced to buy a minimum length of fabric. You can place an order for digital printing on as less as one meter of fabric.

Hollyflower also offers great prospects for budding and established designers. This is a platform where anyone can explore their creativity. You can register on the website and upload your designs. We also offer designers a royalty every time their design is chosen by a customer to be printed. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and possibilities of digital fabric printing industry. Please leave me a comment below.

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