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The 3 types of media to use with full license explanations

As a start up company, I had some fair share of experiences with the web and web media. I'd like to share my story and explain the importance of the 3 media license types for website image use. 

The 3 types of media to use with full license explanations

Friday June 02, 2017,

3 min Read

 Learning all the ropes on the web wasn’t so easy at first. In my story experience, I have to say that starting a new start up on the web wasn’t too easy, but one of the points I want to get today in order to expand others intellect is by discovering the topic of web media and the different license types.

Web media has taken over copyright laws in the recent years and every new start-up company that is just getting introduced to the world wide web should be very familiar with internet laws. With millions of websites actively posting new blogs, they are in need of adding quality imagery or video to a blog.

3 Media License Types

Every creative image on the web has a photographer or digital creator behind the image. Copyright laws take web media ownership very very seriously, this is one of the main reasons why everyone that owns a website or a blog should be aware of the media laws on the web. There are 3 types of media license we will be covering today.

1-ShutterStock Paid License. Shutter stock allows a person to use HD quality studio photography with a very low fee. The fee is based on the use of the photo. If the image is needed for a website, then the fee is around 20 dollars, however, if the photo will be used for a much larger broadcasting channel then the fee may get even pricier, it can go up to hundreds and even thousands for use.

2- Creative Commons License With Attribution. Creative Commons photos with attribution are easily found online, but as the title name, the catch is that you need to give proper credit to the owner of the photo. That is why it is called created commons WITH attribution. Proper credit must be given in order to legally use the pic on a website in any form.

3-Creative Commons License Without Attribution. Creative Commons without attribution means that this license actually allows a person to use an image without even placing author credit on the image. How is this possible? Well, it is the content owners choice to release an image this way. This doesn’t mean that any person may claim credit to the photo, this only means that the person who will be using the photo may not include the photographer's credit as it is not required.

As shown above, there are 3 different types of media license to use. Knowing what images you will use on your website and what license they have is very important. A website may get shut down if the image does not have appropriate or paid credit. Read the info above and expand your knowledge on media use on a website. 

creative commons no attribution image from pixabay 

creative commons no attribution image from pixabay