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5 Branding strategies for startup founders

It is a old saying in Hindi that “Jo Dihkta Hai Wo hi Bikta hai” which means that the thing which gets famous between the people gets sold easily than the thing which is not famous or we can say that the thing which makes impact in the mind or leave a picture make the product sell faster and for which there should be proper marketing in the market or for the targeted customer. 

Monday June 26, 2017,

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 Strategy make for the branding is a long term planning for the development of the brand name for the startup which is one of the most important works a startup has to do for staying in the market. This is the way which is directly connected to the consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments.

There are some tips by which startup can easily do the branding strategies:-

1. Marketing through Pre-launch.

2. Take advices and suggestion

3. What is to be implemented and how

4. Failing chances of the Idea

5. Making things cheaper

These things are common but have great impact on the branding and making the startup successful little easier.

1) Marketing through pre –launch

One of the hardest things a startup need to do is making a plan for marketing before the launch and most of the startup leave this thing in an ease making the startup fail in the market. Marketing is a expensive thing and have a major share in the cost if allocated properly this may come with most returns than other. So, one must do his homework regarding the position in which it id to spend.

2) Take advices and suggestion

It is not always as you think the product is it might satisfy some or no one and may get successful. Advice or suggestion doesn’t mean that you go and ask random customer, you should take advice or suggestion from someone whom you trust most and the person who is not going to give you incorrect information. When you don’t get where you are going just let other tell and listen everything and then making decision by your mind and giving a little concern on everyone’s advice.

3) What is to be implemented and how

Every place has different taste or we Say thinking for the same product of a company that is due to the diversity in the market and with the different thinking product may do good in one area and get failed in other. So one must pay attention towards what has to be implemented in which area and who are their targeted customer and when you are promoting you must keep the concern that you keep that mind and will they will interested in this, If you failed than your investment will be big loss for you.

4) Failing chances of the Idea

In the market there are many things that can be overtaken as there are two similar products but one may get successful and one can get fail in the market. It is all about what you think and how you think to come in the market. There are many ways of marketing which can be classified in different categories as worth taking the risk while some are to be thought on and some are direct no. Depending on the product and thinking you have to which marketing way fall in which category.

5) Making things Cheaper

Every startup should find the way in which the expenditure get reduced don’t just spend a lot on anything, they should first see how much worth it will be and how much it will be beneficial to the startup. It is common things every startup must keep in mind this make a big difference in the success of one. You must take most out of least in the startup in the market or in the organization

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