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Rewiring the Indian Startups' Social Media Marketing!

An interesting story on how an Intrapreneurship initiative  is helping startups with affordable Social Media Management & Analytics. 

Friday October 21, 2016,

4 min Read

More than 19,000 Indian startups are on their way to fuel their entrepreneurial dreams. A lot of avenues are available to publicize products / services of these startups to the world. However, the five basic platforms still rule the rest when it comes to marketing a new business. These five platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Businesses select relevant platforms for marketing based on their specific business needs and offerings. B2C businesses put all the five platforms to work for digital marketing, branding and for knowing the pulse of potential customers, while B2B businesses leverage the reach of these platforms to maintain their digital reputation.

Humongous monetary and human capital is utilized in creating a brand at the digital space. Be it tweeting or posting daily updates on social networks like Facebook or Twitter or curating content and posting it on professional networks like LinkedIn. However, very few companies take the pain of analyzing the impact of social media campaigns, which in turn should drive their digital strategy. 

The barriers to analyzing the campaigns vary from lack of understanding as to what data points should be looked upon, efforts in collating the data points to be analyzed and high cost quoted by a lot of social media analytics tools. Moreover, as days pass, the dependency on digital marketing agencies has been increasing for competitor reports, sentiment analysis around a brand, posting at multiple social platforms and targeting audience across time zones.

For a new age businesses, to analyze their social media presence, cloud based IT products that are easily available at low cost with minimum IT infrastructure requirements are the need of the hour.

This calls for a tool that helps the startup ecosystem with social media marketing in a frugal way instantly. To solve this burning problem, we ventured an intrapreneurship initiative called SocialClout. It works seamlessly for all the five basic platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube available for creating a digital brand image. 

SocialClout not only helps startups for their social media marketing but also assists established businesses in exploring new avenues of customer acquisition in an optimized way. SocialClout can be one of the strategic assets of Digital Marketing and Social Media Management companies. Such businesses can serve their clients in a better way with reduced cost resulting in lowering operating cost and increased profits.

SocialClout is a social media management and analytics platform that helps you post across multiple platforms using a single interface, generate insightful reports of your and competitor’s social media pages. 

You can also know the performance of your social campaign. SocialClout is designed to help new age startups to get the social media marketing done in a simpler way with minimum human resource and infrastructure investment. The best part of the product is that it is user friendly and comes at an affordable price with a no-frill free trial. SocialClout realized quick success by penetrating its user foot print across 110 countries globally. It is lauded across geographies for its simple features, insightful reports and high value for money for its users. 

Currently, CSR wing of one of the biggest Indian conglomerates uses SocialClout to manage and measure their social media activities. Moreover many freelancers and social media agencies use the premium offerings of SocialClout religiously. 

 Continual improvements based on changing market requirements, user feedback and emerging technologies is always on the minds of Team SocialClout, with a sole focus on providing maximum value to its growing user base.

Calling all entrepreneurs to boost and optimize their social media marketing efforts using SocialClout. Reach us on [email protected] / and get exclusive benefits tailor made for young entrepreneurs.