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The building steps

Start of my journey to Entrepreneurship

Sunday September 24, 2017,

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This is something really hard to wake up some morning and you found that there is no Job for you to pay Bills. That is just happen a couple of weeks ago when I left a greatly paying job that satisfying all my needs,

I was having a lot of fun all around, swapping my Cards and Zoom….. Money transfer and I enjoy the very moment. But these all gone in just a single day decision, a decision that already make me Jobless, but what make me take this decision is something really matters,

Hi I am Shashank and I am living a Life of a Full time Entrepreneur now and sharing each of the moment I am getting through.

This is the Life of an Entrepreneur and you are Welcome in It!

(At the end of this article get some Insight Tips to Handle the Pain and Enjoy the Game)

Almost dead by every possible way, Out of Money and Out of support, these are the Hardest truth an aspiring Entrepreneur always face in beginning so as me, Even your soul going to doubt on you.

The story begins when I left my First Job from my first company, and this also may be the toughest part to make, In 2014, a spark enlighten in my heart to listen to the call of my Heart, and Live a passion of my own, and yes some amazing books and inspiring videos effect a lot to rub the stone of knowledge in me.

That was a sunny autumn morning, I was in Morning Shift(as a Shift Supervisor) in a reputed Limited company, but already frustrated with no growth and no sign of living I was fully loaded with aggression and that one day morning, I do what now I believe is not a proper way to do, but I just did it.

I leave the office before it click 9 am and just left it forever with no mind of returning back. 'yes this is the worst thing I did that time, I kicked my bike and just leave the gate without informing anyone.

This was the first time when I released that what being brave means.

It remains a secret till one month to my parents that I left my first job,It is story to read,

Well Now what really happen that time which let me step out, and Trust me these all are the signs to take a decision, These are the signs that are sparking a flame within you.

Sign 01 :- You start dreaming!!Now you must be laughing but this is the very first sign, you start day-dreaming, and just believe me this is a good start. The thoughts running in you mind will be like driving a Mercedes Benz or Owning an Audi, or having a you must wearing a Business suit , attending big Meetings, well these all are larger than reality dreams, but it will really knocking your head daily.This is the brief of first sign.

Sign 02 :- You start hating your daily routine, not only your office lifestyle, but you get frustrated with day to day routines.It takes you to the next Level. This is your second sign.

Sign 03 :- You start acting more doubtful at every step, your sense hold you to make any movement, these make you feel like in a jail. This is another symptom of that spark in you.

Sign 04 :- Hey waiting for another sign?? Do not be stupid!! make a quick decision my friend, a life full of opportunities are waiting for you and only three of these signs are clear to spark up the flame in you.

If you are game in... As you are reading so I think Yes... So lets begin this journey together and Live a life of an Entrepreneur.

Firstly as promised earlier I am going to share some tips on ,

How to handle stress while leaving a job and starting this journey -

• Tip One - Never Leave at one instance - As earlier I did a mistake never repeat it by yourself, as cash is always the king, so better to make some passive income sources before leaving your job or you must have a calculated money in your hand. Calculate it simply just multiply six into your monthly expense.

• Tip Two - Have a Cut to Expenses - This is really important, if you want money in your pocket even after leaving your high paying job, Just cut extra expenses at least three months before Leaving your job, this will really going to help you a lot in many ways.

• Tip Three - Talk to Your Family only - Never shout it out to everybody, just make a clear talk with your family only, it will really going to give you a lot of morale support and positivism.

• Tip Four - Never Through All Money at once - Always remember, you worked really very hard to earn those bucks in your Bank account, do not just through them completely at once.

• Tip Five - Write each and everything - Yes this is really very important tip, write down all you have in your mind, write it in morning or just before you going to bed, it will help you being motivated always and set your goal in one right direction.

So you are highly motivated and inspired now, blood in your veins are running like a super speed train. you are ready to begin your entrepreneur journey.

Lets do it together and we share and live a Life of an Entrepreneur. 

Be Healthy.Be Happy and be in Touch.