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A real life experience on how I got transformed into an entrepreneur with zero investment.

Sunday April 16, 2017,

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A spark is all that is needed to light a Fire 🔥, don't forget to keep the fuel ⛽ready, your confidence, will power and the willingness to work hard will certainly guide you through success yo success.

A small free ad in quickr led to a great opportunity. We got an enquiry for interior decoration at an Ayurveda center. A good samaritan gave a few references and all we had to do is to create awsome, unique decorative ideas, though we worked at a very low budget but the outcome os simply mind-blowing. Based on the concept of " BEST OUT OF WASTE" we created things out of so called waste material, now we are looking at a transaction target of 1 crore for this financial year.

I wondered how I would get along with no funds in hand ✋and no tools ti work with, my partner told me we'll get along and we really did. A friend gave his grinder to us and the rest of the tools we managed to use the customer's own. This is just a beginning and a example for how oppurtunities must be grabbed and investment is not a priority fir every startup, we now have tools and machines that don't fit our requirement completely but, when we look back to a place where we started with a Lent grinder we are happy to own many such technical aids as of now.

Anyone can do anything just with the right talent, with the right person, at the right time and the right place.

Does success succeed without S?

yes (S)

Time to think friends