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Affiliate marketing using WordPress content management system

Affiliate marketing using WordPress content management system

Thursday June 29, 2017,

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Register as a partner in such programs is very quick and easy. You just need to create a new web site (or use an existing site), to register the affiliate programs of your choice and then spread a special reference to the goods automatically after receiving a commission for each order.

A great way to make money, is not it? Thousands of people earn their living by affiliate marketing, some of which receive tens of thousands of dollars a month.

To get started all you need is a website. In theory, the difference between the sites no - free blog will bring you the same fee as a stand-alone website with custom design. However, if you are serious about earning money on affiliate programs, then the standalone blog WordPress - is the ideal, and for many the only option.

Why WordPress is an excellent choice for Affiliate marketing?

Start in the field of affiliate marketing, using a free blogging platform like an attractive prospect. In the end, you do not invest any hosting or in the purchase of the domain, so you can maximize your profits, right? Of course, nothing prevents you to run an affiliate website on a free platform for blogging, but I strongly urge you to do so for several important reasons.

Firstly, when you create a website on free hosting, you are just a tenant, not the owner. This means that you have no real control over your website (and your income). Recently Blogger unflattering deserve credit for what this service spontaneously, without warning, shuts blogs; mostly hunting is conducted on the partner websites.

Secondly, some of the free blogging platforms like WordPress(.)com, does not recommend the use of affiliate links on their websites. Do not waste your time. First you set up your affiliate site, and then will have to remove it because it violated the terms of use publishing platform.

Some hosting will be given a warning first and then you will have a chance to make a backup of your site but they are likely to simply delete the site, giving you time to move your content to another location, or require you to pay for the restoration of the site.

Some free websites for blogging track affiliate links and replace them with their own links. It is important to remember that most of the "free" services on the Internet have their own ulterior motives. Perhaps they are making money from something else - in this case, from your website. Because of all these problems, many companies that offer affiliate schemes can not accept you as a partner, if you use a free blog. They will not risk it. While free sites may look attractive at first, they are almost always a false economy. Hosting is now offered at competitive prices, so there is absolutely no justification for the use of free websites, especially if you want to earn them.

WordPress Themes optimized for Affiliate marketing

One of the most useful aspects of using WordPress as a content management system is a wide range of themes available to customize your site. Instead of hiring a developer to create a custom design, you can easily create a website that will look beautiful and unique by choosing a free or premium theme by editing its fonts, colors and images. Few of us use the services of different agencies to design an affiliate website i.e cashback website designers.

When it comes to partner sites, the design is particularly important. By optimizing the design of your site a high CTR, you can maximize your profits. Aspects of the design that can be reflected on the record of clicks CTR - link color, position and size of the advertising banner.

You can always experiment with these aspects of the design to understand exactly what is the ideal option for CTR. It is important to take into account the fact that today there are topics which are specially designed for partner sites. They have been tested and shown to be effective in the commission of clicks by visitors.

Some topics sharpened specifically for certain affiliate programs, for example, the theme WP Affiliate Store, designed for use with Amazon. These topics are additional tools in the console to simplify the search of products, the creation of thumbnails, the output prices as well as adding affiliate links to WordPress. With these so you can speed up your workflow and quickly create websites.

If you need a theme WordPress, having the form of a partnership the online store, in this case, you can use Affiliate Theme or Affiliate Board.


Wordpress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

As is the case with optimized themes for WordPress, there are many plugins that allow partners to expedite the process of adding products, masking links, etc. Here are some best plugins:

Affiliate Link Localizer Amazon - changes the references to local visitors Amazon (.com, .co.uk, .de, etc.) and insert your affiliate ID for each country.

Auto Links Amazon - automatically generates links to new products with Amazon.

Press CB - quick and easily import the products from the ClickBank Marketplace.

ThirstyAffiliates - masks and manage all your affiliate links in the console WordPress.

Skimlinks - automatically converts references to products in affiliate links.

If you are thinking about affiliate marketing before, then you will likely come across a program for creating affiliate sites that claim to be able to beat WordPress and other platforms in terms of CTR index and SEO. Such decisions may look tempting, but it is best to avoid them.

Of course, WordPress is used on many sites, not only on the affiliate website. That's fine, because it means that you do not need to keep one hundred percent affiliate site, which often causes the search engine penalties.


If you thought ever over the use of the free blogging platform or a Builder to create such type of site, then I hope this article will make you rethink your reference points. WordPress the perfect platform for the many affiliate marketing website who want to earn on advertising products.