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B2B marketers share their reviews on adapting trends & challenges in 2018

B2B Challenges in 2018

B2B marketers share their reviews on adapting trends & challenges in 2018

Wednesday March 07, 2018,

4 min Read


In 2016, the majority of the marketers in B2B believed that the driving awareness about the brands and coping up with restrictions in the budget were some of the most significant challenges they endured.

However, in 2017, things were a little different and customer experiences were the most talkative things coming out from the mouth of marketers in B2B. Now, with 2018 progressing significantly, we wanted to gather some facts and information regarding how this year it’s going to be any different.

Therefore, I interviewed some of the best B2B experts in marketing, and they were honest enough to share their insights about how they believe this year will shape up for marketers.

If you are intrigued about this just like me, and thinking how the marketers are reshaping to the hurdles they are experiencing in their industries and the marketing trends which they believe will be a big hit in 2018, then you are in the right store for information.

1) Aaron Cort thinks that the most significant challenge existing in the industry right now is the channel for saturation. CEO and founder of a tech-based B2B organization, BoundHound and Never Peak Media, Cort says that the most significant hurdle in the industry is the saturation for channels since most of the channels are loaded with marketers with the designated marketing answering back at any cost. However, they are not as friendly as they are most of the times.

Cort says that adopting as per the trends will be the first challenge for many marketers in 2018. The channels which are most saturated with various things like angle, copy, etc. The funnels which are trying new things every day and all by themselves, like LinkedIn, etc.

2) Scott Brinker, the writer from the Technologist blog of Chief Marketing, says that the most crucial challenge for marketers is to be different and stand out from the madding crowd. A VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and having nearly 35 years of experience in the technology and marketing, Scott believes that standing out and being different will be the most important challenge for marketers in 2018.

In addition to that, Scott believes that generating more content is not going to solve this challenge. Making something exceptional that attaches the right audience in the most fashionable yet the most meaningful way is the answer by producing an outstanding customer experience.

3) Doug Kessler, the Co-Founder and the Creative Director at Velocity Partners Ltd, a renowned content marketing agency believe in gathering and bringing together the essential sources of key data in one clear picture.

This may sound a little nauseating but gathering the most important data is quite tough for B2B marketers. In recent times, with data stored digitally or in CRM, Web Analytics and Marketing Automation, the teams don’t usually experience the journeys of their customers. They don’t get to know what is happening around them, what they are working on and what kind of contributions they have made so far.

To embrace the market more efficiently, gathering the data sources together as a view for one makes a lot of things possible. Storing the data in CRM or any other silos won’t make any difference at all.

4) Liliana Ciurlino, Marketing and Technology engagement specialist at Managed Solution and an award-winning consultant and marketing strategist with nearly 15 years of experience in Marketing, says that speaking out to the fears and addressing the concerns of the marketers will be a big challenge in 2018.

The most important challenge for many organizations in B2B is that they don’t care about investing in technology at all. It is quite cheap to market the organizations who understand the advantages of investing in technology. The challenge is transforming everyone willing to understand and grasp how technology can precipitate their business ahead in the market.

Liliana believes that organizations planning to break into the market and capture the clients first need to address their concerns and talk about it to them. Since being the Microsoft Certified Facilitator, she has presented different types of immersion experiences for the customers all over California and asks the organizations to play and explore the software effectively, attain the access to free trial periods and generate constant dialogues regarding the most efficient practices due to the hurdles they face daily.


When we talk about different kind of trends existing out there, it was concordant that decision making in the data increased market will stay for a long time. With event marketing and ABM proving to be a decent fit in the B2B market.