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Branding or lead generation: Startup troubles

We see there are many startup sprouting up these days, for some it is a side business, for some it might be way to livelihood but for some it’s a dream.

Branding or lead generation: Startup troubles

Thursday July 20, 2017,

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There are very few people who have courage to live up their dreams and strive to make it reality. Startup is one such dream of many. We see there are many startup sprouting up these days, for some it is a side business, for some it might be way to livelihood but for some it’s a dream.


Irrespective of business product, it is an achievement if a startup can have a stable business at initial stage. Fittest will survive, so you need to be better than your competition.

After inception, a startup lacks proper planning and those guys seems to be directionless. At that point, the question which arises is “whether to focus on branding or on generating leads?”.

Well, it does not have a perfect answer. It’s like to survive one must gather the funds.To generate funds we definitely have to generate leads, as a business developer i know that struggle of getting leads at scratch so this is also crucial part of business.

On the other hand if i talk about branding;we all must be knowing the best branded products we use in day to day life that is because, we have experienced its good quality and its popularity is so huge that we love to flaunt costly products. That simply means brand speaks about the product and building brand enhances product value.

Both of brand and leads play vital role in startups.

Sustainability with leads

We might set up higher goals to achieve but the truth we forget to accept is we need to sustain first to achieve higher goals. It’s good to set up higher targets but to reach the top we need to start from the first step. It’s like a staircase. To reach the upper step we have to cross the lower steps. This is how it works.

Reaching basic targets like generating leads up to date and then closing it is the primary task. It should be continuous process. As a startup bird saving funds and then using it for future use is a better idea.

Need of Branding?

Branding and lead generation is a parallel process, balance between both should be maintained. Once you become stable with getting business you can invest in branding. Till then, you can get a good business relationship and then branding will boost up the remaining lags.

For brand building, marketing events can be carried out. Brand building eventually helps you in getting targeted leads, you need to understand balancing between both.

At initial stage you focused on making business with leads and branding took backseat. After reaching this point of good stable condition you can start with brand. Investing time and resources on it wont go in vain, once you get brand value. That will automatically get you potential leads later much efforts on leads generation is not needed.

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