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5 Latest Trends for Career Opportunity in Digital Marketing

As technology is getting much more advanced, it has brought Digital Marketing in the limelight which is now boosting top organizations to come up with high revenue and showcasing a brand image in the minds of potential customers.

5 Latest Trends for Career Opportunity in Digital Marketing

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

4 min Read


India has provided a great significance in the development of digital economy for disseminating information to the last man. This era will be remembered for all the measures taken to uplift the digital economy of the country. From last two years, need for online marketing (Digital Marketing) has grown exponentially. This has brought organizations to create a brand image and big picture in the mind of potential customers. According to the July report of Monster Employment Index, 8% y-o-y growth has been seen in Marketing & Communication occupation.

Digital marketing field has brought the business to very easy and mobilized way of transacting anywhere and anytime. Currently, each sector of economy wants to cater customers, make their business large, and earn profit. For this very purpose digital marketing is necessary.

Nowadays digital marketing has set a trend and is now booming platform. Seeing an exponential growth in the digital world, it is expected to provide a significant growth in digital marketing career prospect. Proper usage of internet merging with the latest technology will always land up in a better digital economy to the country. As for now, scope and development in this particular industry will always allow best career growth in future ahead.

Let’s now discuss the latest trends in Digital Marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is the most important technique which gets updated and trendy day by day after Google finds of updating in its search engine. This digital marketing trend has brought many of the candidates to indulge in this technique. SEO activities have been the core part for engaging customers with link building by the SEO experts. There are many opportunities that underlie with this trend in generating employment.

2. Social Media Marketing/ Search Engine Marketing (SMM/SEM): It is a marketing strategy in which social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used to promote the products and services. Lots of people use social media network so this is the fast technique to reach to people. This has made an enormous change in the minds of the consumers regarding purchasing or searching about the product. And the candidate designated for this kind of technique is responsible engaging the customers.

3. Content Writing: Content is the heart of every website. Good and unique content is the key factor for improving the ranking any website or web page. If the quality of content is good then visitors will definitely love your website and they share with others people too. Your website gets higher ranking easily. Definitely, it has summed up the base of all trends that lead to growth in business. With great content comes great attention from customer’s point of view.

4. Pay per Click (PPC): It is referred as an internet advertising trend which is used to generate traffic through ads in which advertisers pays the publisher whenever the ad is clicked. This trend in digital marketing has brought uplift in the process of attaining customers. It is also a technique used in marketing for the promotion of any business. In this, a service provider is paid for per click on the ads displayed for example AdWords and are displayed on Google network and are paid only when the ad is clicked over.

5. Affiliate Marketing: It is that kind of marketing in which business rewards affiliates' for each customer brought through marketing efforts. This strategy can be of great value to get extra money. It depends on what are you selling. There are a number of sites which are into affiliate marketing programs and allow you to promote the product. The product should be of high quality; genuine and useful through user deliberately get engaged.

All this latest trends in digital may help the job seekers in getting all work done into a progressive result. However, some of the major job opportunities lie with these trends also. One should easily avail those opportunities and contribute a part in making country digital.