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10 podcasts on the world of startups to start listening right away

On the web there are many podcasts dedicated to the world of startups, investment and entrepreneurship. In this post I want to suggest you leave 10

If you follow my blog or my post here on StartupItalia! I'll know that one of my favorite topics is available on the network for startupper and entrepreneurs. In the past I have written books, blogs, twitter and more.

Today I will talk about podcasts. You read that right, podcast. They thought they were dead? They thought they fell into disuse? You were wrong! The podcasts have never given up and, indeed, one can say that in the last 2-3 years have come back into fashion.

On the web there are many podcasts dedicated to the world of startups , investment and entrepreneurship in general. In this post I want to suggest you 10, among the most listened to and most popular in the American scene.

1. The Pitch

A podcast where startups make pitch to investors, this is The Pitch. One of the most popular podcasts in the sector in recent times, thanks to media exposure it has had on Product Hunt and other similar channels.

The episodes are divided between the "https://statree.com/business-books-for-entrepreneur/" or "enterprise" depending on the type of startup that presents its pitch. One of the interesting things is that investors can subscribe to stay updated on the latest startups making their pitch in transmission.

https://statree.com/2. StartUp Podcast

A podcast with 4000 reviews on iTunes and an average of 5/5 stars. I need not say more to make you understand the level of this podcast.

Run by two girls, the founder of Dating Ring (a dating service based in New York), episode after episode tells their story, the evolution of their startups and lots of goodies from behind the scenes.

3. How To Start A Startup

The world-famous course at Stanford University in collaboration with Y-Combinator also has an audio-only counterpart. If you missed the video lessons or if you prefer to listen rather than watch then you should not miss this podcast.

21 episodes in which famous entrepreneurs and Venture Capital of the American scene are alternated on a range of topics: from the pitch to the business model through the legal aspects and public relations.

4. Mixergy Startup Stories

The guys at Mixergy have collected more than 1,000 interviews with entrepreneurs around the world. The level is very high, considering that among the respondents there are people Pixar, Wikipedia, Groupon, Sun, Linkedin and many others. In addition to audio format, for each interview it is also available the full transcript.

5. The Twenty Minute VC

The main topic of this podcast is the investment world. The interviews, lasting 20 minutes, are in fact almost always directed at Venture Capital, Angel Investor, and other well-known personalities of the American VC world.

about two episodes are released a week and in some cases respondents are startupper that reflect their experiences received on investments.

6. This is Product Management

As before, even for this podcast title is pretty self explanatory. The contents are devoted to the world of product management at 360 degrees: from design to statistics, all that a PM should know.

In addition to the podcast itself, the site also offers a number of additional resources for those wishing to learn more.

7. Product People

"Another podcast dedicated to great products and the people who make them," this is the payoff of Product People, a podcast where you will find dozens of interviews with those who a few years ago are now defined generically maker , ie people who have made products of all kinds: startup, podcasts, books, etc.

So expect entrepreneurs, Product Manager, developers, designers and many startupper that tell their experience and give practical advice.

8. Dorm Room Tycoon

This podcast is part of the factory startups Panda and collect some great interviews with dozens of characters from the best startups in circulation. The episodes are divided into three categories (business, design and technology) and are home to companies such as SoundCloud caliber, MailChimp, GitHub, Tumblr and more.

9. Spec

After two podcasts dedicated product here's one aspect that instead focuses exclusively on the world of design. Again it comes to interviews, obviously he made designers to startups and successful companies.

In addition to classic audio format, Spec also offers a newsletter and Slack channel to stay up to date on the output of the new episodes.

10. The App Guy

The App Guy is a huge collection with hundreds of interviews with startupper and known product hunters . Each episode, lasting about 30 minutes, tells the personal experience of the interviewee focusing, however, on one particular aspect: marketing, investments, team, product and so on.