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Cricket in India the most popular sport

Wednesday June 21, 2017,

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Cricket in India the most popular sport.

India's contribution is 70% of global cricket revenue.India has produced the greats of Sunil Gavaskar,Ravi Shastri ,Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar so on and so forth. Every time there is a cricket match you would see people busy in front of their TV sets to see the score. I have personally seen people spending hours to gather in front of a TV showroom to see the match when their Hero/God is batting.

Ample of people climb up the tree tops and different places of the stadium , balcony to see their heroes play in the stadium. All this is enough to understand how cricket crazy is this country. But does this really justify when the cricketers don't put their heart into the match and give silly reasons like we are not "Invincible", true Indian players aren't invincible, but that doesn't justify when half of the team is out under 100 runs.

Like every other country, india has its share of evidence where cricketers are bribed and different scams in cricket. It is difficult to understand how professionals can play absolute blunder on a given day and amazingly well on other.

Indian cricket players are spoilt brats who don't deserve the amount of popularity/funds that they deserve. We are a country where other sports don't get attention. Shouldn't India spend more money on other sports give them more facilities so that they can also develop/prosper?

It's high time to cricket craze in india .Lets make indian sportsman feel proud of playing for india.

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