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Nine ways to increase Instagram likes

Nine ways to increase Instagram likes

Saturday May 13, 2017,

5 min Read


Instagram, a widely used social network to share photos and moments with friends and followers. When you post an image, the primary objective is to get as much visibility as possible, which would be evaluated from the number of likes it has been receiving. Sometimes, the posts do not get a response that you might have imagined and expected to have. To improve the number of likes, its recommended to follow the steps explained below:

1. Tag your images with right hashtags

First of all, as an Instagram user you should know that unless your photo is not attached with the right keyword, the visibility would be almost nil. It won’t qualify as searchable content and the purpose would fail immediately. Therefore, one should add as many hashtags as possible, related to the subject of your photo, moment and memory. To do it suitably, you should be aware and have knowledge about the most popular hashtags to be included. Its important to do research about the topic you are going to post about, make a list of the trending hashtags before you pick one from them for your photo to tag with.

2. Use filters

Instagram by default offers you to apply any filter that can enhance the effects in the image. Its a sort of editing that is optional for you to add in order to give it some special effect. Filters namely Aviary, Valencia, Early bird are some of the commonly used filters. Its not a compulsion though, but to give a different and refreshing look, Instagram suggests you to apply it to any photo.

3. Search photos being liked most by the users

Pick the right images to be uploaded, without knowing what the people are looking for or are more interested in, you cannot get a decent count of likes. Come -up with creative ideas to showcase through your Instagram posts. Treat your gallery as an artistic experiment, post only the best moments from the rest. Its not mandatory to post unnecessarily, till the time you do not have a word-sharing moment with friends. You can tag a friend, family along with whom you are enjoying the activity. To pick up unique things is an art and you will be trained when you would surf more and know what’s the hot trending topic.

4. Cute, adorable pets are always liked

When you see any pet doing a random thing in a video, you immediately get a happy feeling and cannot stop yourself from liking it. Its quite natural to be drawn towards the cute quotient. Posting anything cute, whether its a pet, animal or even children, it automatically gets more attention and likes than any other.

5. Don’t overload with food photos

Sometimes people get carried away with their favorite things and start flaunting it out of proportion. Try to avoid any such overloading that can become repetitive and annoying for the followers. Make sure, the photos are not inclined towards a particular subject. You need to offer variety to keep the audience interested for long. Doing the same thing again and again will make it boring and it won’t remain a shareable content anymore.

6. Stay active with community interaction

Respond o each comment, question, suggestion or complaint you receive from the followers. Only then you can expect them to reciprocate likewise. To acknowledge their feedback is most important. Till you are not interactive, the followers won’t feel relatable and would rather avoid you. You need to respect and cherish the response you receive otherwise there’s no point on being a social media network when you are not social at all. Start connecting, liking and following random profiles. For instance, you can like 15-20 photos of a users, if they notice it they will reciprocate with few links on your photos as well and if your photos could impress them they might follow back.

7. Post it at the right time

The time when you post an image decides the response its going to get from the followers. If you post an amazingly beautiful still or an Instagram story at the middle of the night, the visibility its going to get would be almost nothing. Its better to utilize the middle day hours to engage random users, as most of them are trying to find something interesting as a get away from their boring work schedule. Also at special occasions, its a great time to post and share moments, although its a busy duration, yet people like to browse Instagram posts frequently. Avoid weekend nights to post anything, people are too busy to keep themselves busy with fun activities.

8. Try other apps

So many apps are there on Google Play Store and App Store which offer to increase your likes by using an app, earning coins and getting few likes on Instagram.

9. Create links

Allow your pictures to reach across all social networks, at least the existing followers on Facebook, Twitter or any other network should be exposed with the photos. A broad audience gets to see your posts and the photos are more likely to get more likes.