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Attendance and payroll management software- All you need to know

Attendance and payroll management software- All you need to know

Thursday May 17, 2018,

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The HRMS software has become a part of every big or small organization. This software is easily available and can be integrated into the companies’ system easily. Various components make HR software. Each component can be combined together as per the companies’ needs to create the best HRM Software. Two of the major components of an HRM Software is the Payroll and Attendance Management. Let us try to understand everything about the payroll and attendance management.

What Is Attendance Management Software?

An Attendance Management Software is a part of the HRMS that helps in the maintenance of the attendance of the employees over a period of time. Attendance plays a prominent role in the distribution of salaries of an employee. So, with the help of the attendance management software, keeping a tab on all the employees becomes easy.

● Application

Attendance management software automatically keeps a tab on the leaves and the work days of the employees. The attendance is saved every day and is fed to the database which can be extracted and accessed at any time.

● Importance

Keeping a tab on the attendance of the employees manually can be a really hectic task. Hence with the help of the online attendance management software, the details about the presence and absence of the employee can be easily accessed at any time. This helps the HR team to assess the progress and salary output of an employee.

What Is Payroll Management Software?

Managing the payroll of every employee is the task of the HR team. However, with the introduction of the HR management software, managing the payroll has become really easy. Payroll software is a component of the HRMS that helps the employees, and the HR team manages the salaries of the employees.

● Application

The application of payroll software is to simply keep a tab on the attendance of the employee and determine their pay at the end of the work cycle. The payroll software can access the grade and the tax deductions from the salary of an employee.

● Importance

The task of creating a payroll for an employee or a bunch of employees is a complicated task. However, with the automated payroll software, this task has been made much easier. The software has the ability to calculate the payroll on the daily, weekly or even monthly basis. You can also generate a pay slip at the end of the work cycle, and the employees can look at their salary history by themselves. With this software, the employees can also keep a tab on their payroll and edit the details on it.


Both the payroll and attendance management software are a great way to simplify the work at a company. These come integrated with a Human Resource Management Software and are easy to use and access. The payroll and attendance are two necessary things that take place in every office. So, having this software integrated to your HRMS can be really helpful for small, big or medium enterprises.