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Start making money online- 9 ways to become a millionaire

Start making money online- 9 ways to become a millionaire

Sunday May 26, 2019,

5 min Read

Now is the time to take the benefit of the already established world’s biggest network, the internet. 60% of the world’s population use this service on daily basis and more are joining this bandwagon as you’re reading this.

There are multiple ways to make money from this, some are :

1. Fiverr

It is a platform for all the freelancers, wanting to deliver a service for just $5, hence ‘fiverr’. There is an option to upsell your service, maybe provide better service or faster service for an extra charge. An individual can choose from multiple options, from graphic designing to digital marketing. You name it, they got it.

2. Instagram

Believe it or not, instagram is the next youtube when it comes to earning online. People get paid to have a shoutouts or sponsorships with their posts that gets hundreds of thousands of views each day. This platform in itself is very wide and free of cost too. There are multiple ways to start earning through this as the platform offers tons of opportunities to people.

3. Youtube

Talking of youtube, why not start earning via youtube? From cat videos to gameplays, this platform is wide and has made many people millionaires as well. The very famous ‘Ryan’s toy review’, is an example of a 11 year old who makes money by buying toys are playing with them. The earnings doesn’t come until you have 4000 watchours (combined) and 1000 subscribers. This is the way adsense in youtube works. Though, this is a direct way of earning, you can also earn through paid sponsorships and merchandise. The youtube community is growing each day, making way for creators of tomorrow.

4. Affiliate Marketing

It is an option, where you can advertise a product/service on your website. This is done to increase the sales and creating awareness. Let’s say you want to do Amazon’s affiliate, use the code provided by the amazon’s website and your website will start broadcasting ads of Amazon. If someone buys a product using your website, you’ll get a commission from it. You’ll get a commission even if someone returns a product. Any product bought within 24 hours will be commission based.

5. Kindle Publishing

Talking of Amazon, there’s a free opportunity to publish your book on amazon. No need to find a publishing house and edit your material over and again to fit the standards. You can start writing right now and sell your e-book on this platform. You need to follow some content and quality policy before publishing. You’ll get commission on every sale made. Although, this commission is not enough, the trick is to write as many books as possible to make good commissions. There are some writers who have at least 100 books on this platform published. You can use affiliate marketing to get traffic on your book and increase sales. The books on kindle are cheaper than any other sources which makes it very attractive to the readers of today’s day and age.

6. Shutterstock

Here, your content will speak and bring in the money. Let’s say you know how to click pictures or shoot videos or make sick beats, this platform is made just for you. Here you can upload pictures of many categories such as animals, religion, food and drink, beauty/fashion, interiors, etc. The main trick to make earnings on this platform is to upload mutliple pictures daily.


7. Flippa

It is an online platform for selling and purchasing online businesses. It could be a website, application, software and so on. You can also purchase any business, instead of selling anything and after improvising, make money. The whole process just got easier with the improved features in the website. Register your LLP now.

8. Take Lessons

We’ve hardly concentrated in school, but we will always have a thirst for knowledge. But still, everyone knows something which is in high demand and which one can teach, which is why Take lessons is the right place to sell your lessons. You can teach something, anything which is in demand or needed to be taught. Video lectures of you teaching will be purchased by millions and which will in turn generate much wealth.

9. Upwork.com

This website is one of the best freelancing wesbites in the market. And being free and followed worldwide, this is exactly what you need to need to start from the scratch and ending up being a millionaire. Although, mentioned at the very end, this shouldn’t be a criteria for you to avoid this website. The user interface and the payment criteria meets every demand of freelancers.

This article is written by Anubhav, who is a Content Writer at Legalraasta.

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