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8 Tips to create the best powerpoint presentation for your business

8 Tips to create the best powerpoint presentation for your business

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

6 min Read

Whenever you are in a client meeting or simply presenting a proposal for your dream project in your office, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to design a proper presentation. As you go through the slides one by one a story is weaved in front of your audience. The story that you want to tell them. Now, if you want them to understand the same thing that you are telling, you should have good presentation skills and a powerful presentation. Today, we will discuss a few tips to create the best powerpoint presentation for your business. A good powerpoint presentation design in itself speaks to the client what you want to tell them about the project.

powerpoint presentation

Tips to create the best powerpoint presentation

There are different types of presentations and some are way better than others. Some presentations give a good message, others have good graphic designs and still, others have an intense call to action. But, a good powerpoint presentation has all of the above. Here are a few tips to create the best powerpoint presentation.

  • Understand the intent
  • Analyze your content
  • Choose the perfect template
  • Keep it simple and smooth
  • Limit the number of words
  • Keep proper visuals
  • Use appropriate charts
  • Use high-quality graphics and colors

Understand the intent

Understanding the intent of creating any presentation is a key factor in creating a good presentation. You should understand clearly the objective of this presentation, the audience for whom this presentation is being made and how the presentation is being delivered. When you understand all of the following, then only you can make a good presentation. If you are making the presentation for your client, then apart from the above-mentioned things, you should also understand clearly your client’s business. 

Analyze your content

It is universally known that “Content is the king” in your business. While making your presentation for business meeting analyze the content of the presentation. See to it that the content of the slides matches clearly wit the intent and objective of your presentation. If they do not match, then your presentation will not be a good one. Just check beforehand and re-do the presentation if necessary. Because if, the presentation does not meet the objective of the meeting, then no matter how good the graphics of the presentation are, you are not going to achieve anything. 

Choose the perfect template

Most of the companies or businesses have pre-designed norms for fonts to be used and templates with their logo in the presentation. If you do not have a pre-designed scheme then according to the presentation content and motive, define the color fonts and theme of your presentation. 

Keep it simple and smooth

It is very important that you keep the content of your presentation slides simple and easy to follow. You may be sharing a presentation through sharing options so that people sitting somewhere else or you may be delivering your presentation in person. When you are delivering your presentation in person, there are chances that people are not only coming to listen to your presentation but also coming because they know that you are a known person and want to listen to you. And hence, it is important that you keep your presentation simple and easy to follow.

Limit the number of words

In order to make your presentation simple, another way is to reduce the number of words in your slides. People tend to remember and understand those things which are explained with the help of images and videos as compared to those with a large number of words and bullet points. So, reduce the number of words and increase the images and data should be represented in the form of charts and visual format. 

Keep proper visuals

When you reduce the number of words and bullet points, you need to increase the visual content in your presentation. Increasing visual content does not mean that you can put any random graphics and images. You need to give a detailed thought on which visuals to use. Choose a theme that has not been used a lot and which is appropriate for your business, use charts for showing statistical data and results that you have achieved. 

Use appropriate charts

You can use charts to represent the statistical data. But, you should know and understand which chart to use when. Here is the list of charts that you can use for different purposes

  • Vertical bar charts
  • Horizontal bar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Line charts

Vertical bar charts

Vertical bar charts are usually used to display quantitative data that changes over time. Usually, vertical bar charts have data on one side that cannot have a numerical scale.

Horizontal bar charts

Horizontal bar charts are used to compare quantities. In Horizontal bar charts, the lengths are proportional to values on X-axis and Y-axis. 

Pie charts

A pie chart is a circular statistical graph in which the circular proportion is divided into slices which illustrate numerical proportion. The arc length of each slice is proportional directly to its value.

Line charts

A line chart is a series of data points that can be connected in a straight line on a graph.

Use high-quality graphics

It is believed that high-quality graphics play an important part in gaining potential customers as a lead. The colors of the fonts as well as of slide background are important. Colors can influence our emotions and play an important role in the marketing of your business. Sometimes just changing the color of some parts of the presentation may increase the number of conversions. 

Strategic use of colors may increase your sales. Use of multiple colors invoke some feelings and emotions in your client’s heart. There is a definite connection between the psychology of color and marketing, which helps you make a successful presentation. 

The font size also matters a lot, if the fonts used are too small people may lose interest in reading what you have written.  The images used should also be of high quality.

So, these are few tips to create the best powerpoint presentation for your business.