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Bhukh Mukt Bachpan Campiagn in Jaipur

Bhukh Mukt Bachpan Campaign - A Campaign for malnourished children's

Bhukh Mukt Bachpan Campiagn  in Jaipur

Monday September 26, 2016,

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#Bhukh Mukt Bachpan Campagin

Bhukht Mukt bachapan is a campaign running by two IT entrepreneurs in Jaipur. Malnutrition is estimated to contribute to more than one third of all child deaths in India. Malnutrition leads to an increased susceptibility to illness and infection, increased risk of hospital admission, and longer recovery time.Getting deprived from highly nutritious foods, especially in the present context of rising food prices, is a common cause of malnutrition in India. To make a difference in this area, We started Bhukh mukt bachpan in Jaipur 10 months back to saves the lives of severely malnourished children while helping vulnerable communities become self-sufficient.

With a team of 3 Founder members Pankaj Sharma, SaurabhSaxena, AkshayPareek, Bhukhmuktbachpan weekly campaignis aiming Malnourished children’s in Jaipur area to feed nutritional food and With Encompassing a wide array of activities customized to meet a community’s specific needs asincrease awareness about children’s primary education and encourage their parents to helping children’sto take a step forward to get their basic education first.

Within 10 Months, BhukhMuktBachpan team has touched life of over 800 children’s with covering more than 30 areas across Jaipur and well ahead in achieving their goal of covering 1000 children’s in a year.

To increase awareness about malnourishment issue, Team has running an awareness campaign under which they are sending a letter and notice board banner and stickers to colleges across Jaipur. The Idea behind this initiative is to increase awareness in youth about malnourishment issue and Team has sent awareness letters to over 10 colleges in Jaipur, Number of colleges are sending appreciation letter to the team for their initiative and are positive about their students to make a contribution in society.

Team has contributed money from their own earnings . now a days Team is generating funds from Crowd-Funding platforms and planning ahead to make create a food coupon system for children’s, Under this system funds will be provided to local nearby restaurants/ food corners and coupon will be distributed for needy children’s, So they can approach nearby food corners and collect food in need.

Team is also working on their plan to organize a cultural event with the help of children’s next year. Children’s are showing great interest to perform or act in this cultural event and this enthusiasm of children’s is motivating team to come up with a great plan.

Social media is a great way to connect with youth these days and our team understand also runs an awareness campaign on social media to reach out more people and very much pleased with the positive response from youth across Jaipur.

Many other organizations like Bal Sambal an orphan house coming ahead to help team by their support in various areas and enabling them to touched other aspects of children’s life.

By getting great support from many organizations and people, Team is continuously working on different plans at the same time to help vulnerable community with planning to launch their program in many other cities and almost ready to launch their campaign in Bikaner (Rajasthan). Campaigners are hoping it will be the largest popular mobilization in Jaipur against malnourishment since WHO report has shown over 30% children’s population is facing malnourishment.