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7 Ways to increase your office’s productivity

Learn these 7 ways to increase your workplace productivity 

Tuesday November 08, 2016,

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Your office is the hub of all your business operations. It is essential to make sure that proper productivity is maintained in the workplace with so that you and your employees make the most of the time you spend there. There are several ways that productivity in your office can be increased. Some of these are technological methods while some are ones that require a personal touch. Either way, if applied properly, it can lead to a major boost in your employee’s and your productivity.

Below are the 7 major ways that productivity in your office can be increased -

1. Give your employees the right tools

A big reason that office employees feel that they are under productive is that they do not have updated technology to do their job properly. Management needs to make sure that they provide their employees with the very latest and best technology that will help the employees perform their daily tasks faster and in a better manner.

2. Provide proper training

Another point that is extremely important to increase employee productivity is proper training. Technology and business are changing at a very rapid pace. It is essential for your business to keep the employees up to date with the industry knowledge that they would need to stay ahead of the competition and keep your business ahead of its competitors.

3. Set proper goals

When you set goals, it automatically makes employees want to achieve the targets. The management needs to define the organization's goals clearly so that the employees know exactly what is expected of them and they can devise a strategy to reach those targets in the defined time. This clarity gives a huge advantage to employees and thus helps boost productivity.

4. Minimize distractions

Your employees need an environment that is free from all and any distraction. Whether it is the loud noises or visual distractions, both can hamper the productivity of the staff and get them involved in nonproductive sessions. A good manager needs to ensure that his employees are spending their office hours on productive tasks and not wasting their time by getting involved in office gossips or chatting on their cell phones.

5. Avoid assigning repetitive tasks

When employees are asked by the managers to continuously do the same repetitive tasks that yield no results, it not only decreases the productivity of the employee but also leads to a negative atmosphere at the workplace. Managers need to ensure that only tasks that lead to any result should be aligned to the staff. If there is a repetitive task that is the business requirement, then there needs to be a better tool or strategy devised to do so, so that it does not impact the work of any employee.

6. Ease up on internet restrictions

Several offices have security restrictions put in to limit the access the employees have to the internet. The logic behind it is to ensure they do not spend their office time chatting on Facebook. However, employees also need to use the internet to do research for their daily work. So, it is advised that management eases up on internet restrictions so that proper use of the internet for research purpose is not hampered.

7. Use e-surveillance for office

Using e-surveillance for offices takes care of 2 major challenges -

1 - It ensures the security of your office staff. Having live 24*7 video monitoring will make sure no unauthorized person enters the office premises. It also keeps a check on any criminal activity being perpetrated by any employee. This makes the staff feel safe and secure in their workplace.

2 - It helps management better supervise the overall office operations as well as staff behavior. When employees know they are being monitored, they tend to be more productive. E-surveillance also gives actionable insights about office operations and helps management find the gaps that once filled will lead to optimized office productivity.

So, by following these above 7 methods, you can ensure that employees will be at their most productive and will give the best output possible for your business.

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