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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.
Disclaimer-mystory - A No-Frills Startup Attempting To Address Garment Style and Fit Issue

Custom clothes are a rage, and for all the good reasons. A recent article on ‘10 Unexpected Things That Will Radically Improve Your Life’ recommends that you ‘Invest in clothes that fit’. When you know what you are wearing fits you well, your personality is enhanced and you will feel great all day which in-turn helps you perform at your best. Such is the significance of well-fitted garments. - A No-Frills Startup Attempting To Address Garment Style and Fit Issue

Friday May 20, 2016,

4 min Read

Devil lies in the Fit

Your appearance, be it dapper, relaxed, cool or sloppy, is ultimately reduced to the fit of your clothing. But finding clothes which fit you well is easier said than done. Running errands in innumerous brick and mortar stores may often turn futile as mass manufactured, off the rack clothes are less likely to give you the perfect fit.

A custom-tailored wardrobe, on the other hand, needs higher investment and has always been associated with the elite and couture customers. Plus there are hassles of finding a good tailor and getting yourself measured. But not anymore. There’s good news for those who want to go bespoke without spending a fortune while cutting back on the hassles and leveraging the e-commerce platform.

StyleMyFit— My Style. My Fit. My Attitude.

StyleMyFit is a Bangalore-based startup which has come up with the idea of combining fashion and fit in order to provide comfort and style to its clients from the luxury of their home or office. Driven by the motivation to offer a pocket-friendly solution without cutting back on style or quality, this recipe of customization and convenience is very neatly captioned as “My Style. My Fit. My Attitude.”

StyleMyFit - My Style. My Fit. My Attitude.

StyleMyFit - My Style. My Fit. My Attitude.

A four-step process gives the customer a 3D virtual tour of every single detail he/ she would want on a shirt, from the fabric to the styling options, providing a pictorial representation at each step about how the selected styles would look.

The Journey

The founding partners of StyleMyFit, friends of twenty years, put their ideas together to come up with a solution for the genuine problem of style and fit in the garment and apparel space. StyleMyFit started off with custom Men’s shirts in December 2015 and now offers custom Women’s shirts as well. StyleMyFit plans to launch Men’s trousers and Bandis soon.

StyleMyFit is also exploring solutions where measurements can be captured through a webcam or through a kiosk. Within a short span since its e-commerce launch, StyleMyFit has catered to about 500 happy customers.

A Great Team makes Great Things Happen

StyleMyFit is made up of a team of fashion design experts, user experience designers, IT professionals and a set of handpicked and experienced tailors. Team StyleMyFit is passionate about solving the problem of custom fit outfits and offering the highest quality of craftsmanship in dressmaking at an affordable price.

Size of Opportunity

Intents and motivations apart, a nagging question would be – ‘would this business be sustainable and scalable?’

A recent Forbes article estimated the custom tailoring business in India to be around 15 Billion Dollars and is currently unorganized and fragmented. Need we say more?


Some of the impressive features of StyleMyFit custom clothing are:

• StyleMyFit does custom shirts for both Men and Women, guaranteeing a snug fit, which, given the off-chance, if compromised, can and will be altered at no extra charge whatsoever.

• By sourcing the best fabrics from select retailers and selling directly to customers, StyleMyFit cuts out the middle men, and passes on the savings on to the customer.

• One can customize as little or as much as you want, for one flat fee.

• Customization options don’t stop at the measurements; one can choose everything from the fabric to design styles like collar, cuff, placket and so on.

• After an order for a shirt is placed online, the garment is delivered to your doorstep in a matter of a fortnight – and importantly, delivered free of cost!

A StyleMyFit Shirt

A StyleMyFit Shirt

Custom clothing gives you the look like no other. They are unique, just like you are. And gone are the days when custom clothing was a thing of the privileged. An eclectic mix of incredible designs, premium fabric, perfect fit, great customization options, and affordable price is just a few clicks away now. So why wear clothes that are made for anyone else?