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4 self-learning techniques to make it more effective

Self-learning is the most common trait of successful people. Read 4 ways to leverage it smartly to succeed in life.  

4 self-learning techniques to make it more effective

Friday June 23, 2017,

6 min Read


Self-learning is proved to be one of the top traits of successful people around the globe. No doubt the people embody hunger of learning are the one succeeding.

There are plenty of success stories of diamonds who gave up on passive learning and hop on self-learning to make fortunes and now it has become so efficient for us to leverage self-learning because of the valuable content flowing on the internet.

With so much information out there we are going through a massive shift on how we learn; most of our learning happens outside the classroom when you are investing time reading content just like now.

Pause and think how much you have learned over last 6 months from your habit to consume informative content online.

Let me tell you; ‘A LOT!’

You might not have noticed how your everyday learning is transforming you into a skilled worker, conversationalist, and problem solver.

Undoubtedly self-learning can flourish your career, relationship, confidence level and awesome; you are doing it right now.

However, still, I want you to get the most out of your learning by exploring what those successful people are doing by leveraging the learning techniques and mindsets.

4 techniques to make self-learning more effective:

Before we start with techniques, I want to stress on the value of continuity to experience benefits. The least you will break the pattern the faster you will see the results. It’s as simple as ‘one healthy meal is not going to make you look fab. Similarly, one junk meal is not going to make you fat.’

‘Consistent habitude is what will render you real results!’

So, remember even if you pick a single technique; make it a routine.

Now, without waiting anymore let’s get straight into the techniques

1. Have a Clear Focus:

Your brain loves novelty, and you should use it smartly by uniting the knowledge towards your goal.

The world is full of information, millions of things are going around you but absorbing all of it is just unreal. Thus, our brain weeds out information which are not in our focus.

Have you ever noticed you see the car you have just bought more on roads than before?

You think it’s coincident, Trust me the cars was there before but weren’t on your focus list.

Therefore, having a focus for your life will make the knowledge you need the most quickly discoverable to you.

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows – Tony Robbins

You have limited energy. So, use it smartly, have a clear focus on what you want in life.

Actionably, ask yourself where you see yourself in 3 years, think vigorously and write it down on paper and stick it on your dressing mirror!

2. Learn Every Second:

Every morning you leave your home your learning session starts!

Sounds vague? Because it’s a mindset more than a technique, the mindset to take every experience as a learning and connecting it with your focus.

Applying this mindset is easy said than done, it took me months to embody it, but once I did, it made the biggest benefaction in my life.

Like, just 2 weeks before I lost my patience and said something to a close friend which I shouldn’t say or if I said that in a right way then the outcome could be entirely positive. Big loss :(

Technically it just didn’t have any relation with my work but gave me the lifetime learning of patience which I leveraged in my work and vanished the stress I had to gain growth too fast.

You can see how much powerful it can be. To apply the mindset, I want to give you a script which I use every morning; “Anything happens to me today will teach me something new.”

That’s it! After applying it, even when you are chilling with friends, you will observe everything differently and never feel like passing the time because each moment you are learning.

3. Schedule Learning Sessions:

You are learning from your external experiences every day, still consuming objective content daily related to your need of the moment is imperative.

Blocking time daily for intensive learning session is what distinguishes successful people from others.

Check out the video from Business Insider which states Objective Learning is the most common habit of ultra successful people.  

You can keep your learning sessions the way you want; it could be listening to the podcast, reading blogs, watching videos, etc.

Utilise your commute time or in between work sprints, be creative and develop a routine which suits you the best.

You can also use tools like Feedly and subscribe to industry newsletters to get valuable content daily and can also use EnGrip extension for free to save your learning and build your shareable profile to showcase your knowledge beyond the formal education to recruiters and clients.

4. Take Massive Action:

Your knowledge is a potential of power, but sadly it’s not what you can take to the bank.

Knowledge is enough is a fallacy, without action, nothing will move in your life.

For me, it is the most important technique to make your learning effective. I have struggled with “Analysis Paralysis” for a long time, and you won’t believe how learning more and no action can become psychologically disturbing.

As mentioned above our brain loves novelty which makes us feel satisfied after learning, but soon our mind starts doubting it’s potential when it sees no positive change in our life, which ends into performance anxiety.

To conquer this, you have to balance your “consumption” and “Production.”

You can keep it equal, but your consumption should never cross your production.

The best way to handle this is to have a separate time for “consuming” & “producing.”

For Example: From morning 7:00 AM to evening 7:00 PM is the doing time for me and from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM is the consuming time, in which I read blogs, scroll and engage on social media, read books, etc.

At last, I want to tell you that you are in top 20% because of your urge to learn more and I am confident that applying these techniques will aid you in achieving more in life.

I would like to close with saying “Never stop learning because life will never stop teaching.

I hope I have added value to you and would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.