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How this social impact startup has aimed to become a Zomato for social sector space

Saturday November 19, 2016,

4 min Read

Every day, we all come across a lot of discussions around high growth impact start-ups and the metrics are simple, calculative and well established. Well, when we twist our mind towards social impact start-ups, the intensity of risk calculation becomes a different game altogether. And here comes the connotation about social benefit, to more than just gains to their shareholders. These social impact entrepreneurs seed their ventures with eternal motivation because they really understand the problem they are trying to solve. The outcome is to deliver benefits to vulnerable sections of the society. And hence, they sometimes seem to be more motivated to solve the problem than just a business venture. And, this turns off typically the calculative investors.

With an avid love for writing and a deep passion to explore more about interesting ventures, I keep dogging my head ever since towards new beginnings. In a conversation with Akiraa, a young entrepreneur, passionate towards building a social impact start-up, this time I got some better understanding around the impact stories of socially enabled start-ups.

Akira describes his start-up as a unique platform he is envisaging in the related field. So, what is this platform all about? And how does it aim to innovate the world?

‘Social Enablers’ is a new media platform focused on the global exchange of ideas and stories of social innovations and entrepreneurship. The platform aims to discuss, promote, and encourage inspiring ideas and impactful stories of social innovations. With their unique art of storytelling, they are connecting social entrepreneurs with impact investors and like minded people to create more impact.

 Currently, being incubated out of the The Do School, Germany (a leading social venture incubator that helps passionate young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into action) and angel funded, ‘Social Enablers’ steers to promote socially benefiting business models and ideas happening around the world, and thereby helping replicate or get inspired by the successful impact stories created by far.

Akira further unveiled the recent developments about his start-up so far. “We have recently raised 50,000 US dollars for the launch of a job listing platform that is primarily focussed on the social sector”. The platform (currently in beta) aims to support the hiring needs for social enterprises. The vision is to reduce the cost structure from two-hundred dollars to twenty dollars to help social enterprises/NGOs concentrate on creating more impact around their core goals and not substantiating efforts around building the right and core team.

So how does this platform works?

One of its kind of a web platform, Social Enablers Jobs provides one-click access to the jobs as well as volunteering opportunities in the social sector. The platform is identical to ‘Zomato for Social Sector’, a marketplace that serves as a credible source of information related to social entrepreneurship, funding and investments, news, jobs and events in the related field. “Our mission is to act as a connecting link between social enablers and qualified youth who wants to create social impact together”, Akira highlights. “We include job listings from non-profit, NGO’s, charity organisations and social enterprises primarily in Asia and the world”. The listings include full time jobs, part time jobs, volunteering opportunities, internships, etc from organisations that works for a good cause. It also includes community jobs, conservation jobs and fellowship opportunities for international development projects.

A serial entrepreneur, Akira has previously founded Notifyu, an SMS service based model in rural India that connects opportunity seekers with opportunities via mobile phone. Since its start in 2014, Notifyu had linked thousands of young people with jobs and training.

While, it’s good to deal with innovation, it is hysterical to hone your entrepreneurial skills around a gracious innovation and Akira is passionate to achieve that. For more information, explore the website:,