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Online business strategies for the success of your company

Saturday April 08, 2017,

6 min Read

Not just big corporate, but local businesses too have the option to do business promotion through a variety of promotional methods. When it comes to a local glass company offering products and services, it is essential to reach to people with their products and quality of service to get more sales.

Overview of services

The major services offered to local consumers by a glass company may include, but are not limited to:

Repairing services

• Patio door glass repair

• Repair and reinstallation of table tops

• Repairing mirrors

• Shower enclosure repair

• Insulated glass windows

Window replacement

• Broken seal window and glass replacement

• Replacement of weathered panes

• Replacement of poor insulation

• Changing broken windows and glass shower doors

Range of glass products

• Designing and building custom-frame or frame-less tub and shower enclosures based on customer’s specifications.

• Sliding glass doors offering stellar views of your patio

Business strategies for local glass companies

If you own a local glass sales and service business, here we will discuss some of the major marketing and promotional strategies you can adopt to find success in business. The first step is structuring the business as per market standards. However, the growth is more dependent on smart marketing and good customer retention. You will get a better insight about these from the points below.

1. There is no such sure shot magic marketing strategy

The primary objective of marketing is to effectively take the actual value of your business to the target customer base. The concept is simple, but there are hundreds of variables to set right to succeed. Few factors that you need to consider include:

• The demographics of your customer base

• The place where you run the business

• Where your target audience hangs out online

• What sort of products they look for in your niche

• How they make their purchasing decisions

If you get clear-cut answers to these questions, it becomes easier to develop adequate marketing strategies to avoid waste of money and time.

2. Try Facebook advertising

It is one of the most inexpensive and most successful ways of doing marketing for small regional businesses. There are about two million small to mid-sized businesses advertising through Facebook and getting returns.

The major advantage of advertising through Facebook is that they offer displaying ads to specific target audience in terms of geography, age, sex, interests, buying behavior, and many other features. Creating and posting Facebook ads are also relatively easy for anyone to do. When it comes to glass business, if you have a strong visual component to promote, then it is also worth trying Instagram ads.

3. Google Adwords

Users perform Google searches to identify local businesses, and it is estimated that there are more than 40,000 business specific search queries that are raised on Google each second. So, no conventional advertising strategy has the potential to take your business to the exact seeker’s eyes other than Google AdWords.

Google AdWords aims to deliver the most relevant search results to the users. So it can be less expensive if you are already implementing proper on-page search engine optimization techniques as an established window & glass company. AdWords is available for all budgets and can also be paired with other marketing strategies to maximize the output.

4. Content marketing

With the kind of changes happening in marketing, especially online promotions, content marketing is found to have the greatest impact. Content marketing is all about creating relevant and informative content and distributing it to the target customers. Along with promoting your business, content marketing also helps to retain the existing customers and also drive more profitable customer actions.

Unlike the paid promotions, content marketing efforts focus more on reaping long-term results. The initial payoffs may be a bit low, but there can be a sustainable growth in the number of visitors and leads with consistent efforts. A few elements to be ensured for content marketing include:

• Ensuring quality of content

• Choosing market relevant and customer-centric topics

• SEO optimization of content

• Optimizing for readers

• Constant content creation and promotion

5. Organic social media promotions

There is no doubt that social media has an ever-increasing influence on business with an estimated 67% of the consumers now using social media to avail customer support and 33% choosing social media instead of using telephone. So, if the consumers cannot find your business on social media platform, you are doomed!

The question is not simply whether you are present on social media, but the success is all about how much time you used to spend for SMM activities and what resources you are investing in order to nurture your social audience. If you own a glass company, it is worth to invest in organic social media promotions. The key to social media success is in identifying where the target customers are and how they prefer to be approached.

6. Coupon deals

When you are selling glass repair services or offering a related product, it is a good idea to partner with the coupon deal sites, which also put efforts to quickly promote businesses. If you didn't know it already, the major coupon deal sites have massive audiences and they promote offers based on location and specific consumer requirements.

The benefits of coupon deals include a greater exposure and targeted advertising. It can also help spread brand awareness and increase inflow of newer customers. The more significant your discount is, the more popular your deal may become. The goal here is to attract the audience and entice them to try out your products or services.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing has existed for long and the power of it never fades. Email remains the largest converting channels when it comes to businesses like glass services and products. Email marketing effectively funnels the lead acquisition to conversion and you can promote anything and everything through email including free downloads, to offering service trial, webinar notification, free membership, promo coupons etc.

There are plenty of other options when you think about business promotion strategies for your local glass company, but you need to be very diligent while choosing strategies. Most of these involve a significant cost. Therefore, proper planning and efficient execution both play pivotal roles. And you must hire experts to do the job.