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SELF LEADERSHIP: Change to be the change you wish

SELF LEADERSHIP: Change to be the change you wish

Friday February 10, 2017,

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In modern philosophy of life, human mind is believed as libido i.e. it can never be free from desires & emotional urges. It treats an individual as a “Utilitarian” i.e. a mere object of utility or a resource like any other matter of the world.

However it is not possible that one section of the creation grows faster and farther while basic needs of others is either not catered or catered free of cost. This creates a gap and frictional force of retardation and annihilation in the society. “Prakritih” therefore belies leadership that creates followers.

“Prakritih”, a self disciplined force, demonstrates in many ways that for survival, growth and evolution interdependence and co-existence is the key to self leadership. It calls for self management through self discipline and self control.


“Ved” advocate an eight stage model for self development. It facilitates development of physical, psychic as well as spiritual potencies of individual to restore and enhance divinity within.

Change and obsolescence takes place in every area and is an essential tool for dynamism and growth. Human being is no exception. Human being must be prepared for the change. Change in self and not in others. It is the change, which is only steady and permanent. This is the only certainty amongst all uncertainty. We are living because we are changing. When we say no to change, we say no to evolution and growth. It is refusal to bring dynamism to life.

So get ready for a change. Be the change any time and all the time. Let the change process start in self through self discipline and self control. One doesn’t have to find a cave to meditate but can do it well while being a worldly person. This world has been created for you to live and experience it yourself.

When we learn that change we are liberated and free from the bondage. We resist change, because we want to accept status quo due to fear of ignorance. “Vedic” science considers human being a divine creation and believes leading a pure and noble life is not at all difficult. Divinity gets shrouded and veiled due to endless chain of self centered thoughts and desires for self needs to be centered in the self to be selfless. “Ved” envision unfolding of inherent divinity of human being. It aims to suggest ways and means of removal of encrustation of incessant flow of thoughts and desires. Human mind has to be made free from all such desires which make it bondage. “Ved” therefore focus on ways and means to liberate the mind of human being i.e. the “Antahkaran” and make it free to its limitless and infinite potential. “Vedic” science has focused on the inner true self or the “Atman” – the inherent invisible energizing force within.

“Ved” are the corner stone in the history of human civilization and culture. “Ved” explore the splendour and radiance of true meaning of life. It removes the veil of ignorance through divine wisdom of truth and affirms that ignorance is the cause of all our miseries. “Ved” do not ask one to retire to mountains and forests, renounce the world or worldly life, wear saffron robe or even go naked as widely perceived by many in search of liberation and spirituality. It does not prescribe any rigorous or highly technical methods for spiritual development. It suggests an individual to be a man of action with the spirit of renunciation to bring about a qualitative change in one's way of thinking, living and working. There are signs of dramatic global awakening and spiritual evolution taking place. A greater and better understanding of the applicability of the cosmic principles of the “Prakritih” is now being appreciated. A golden age of spiritual, mental and physical evolution is in the making. We may be literal Gods in comparison to our current state.

All religious philosophies emanate from the essence of the principles of the “Prakrith”. “Yog” philosophy and practices incorporate the principles of the “Prakrith”. “Yog” facilitates creation of a platform for interdependence, an essential step for spiritual development. It is the pathway to ultimate or “Self Aishwarya”- to be divine. “Yog” practices provide a perfect harmony amongst energies of life to achieve equilibrium. It caters to physical, psychological and spiritual nutrition to human being. “Yog” helps us provide with intuitive knowledge underlying the metaphysical principles and ethics of creation and existence. “Yog” leads us from darkness (ignorance) to light (self awareness). “Yog” is a tool to discipline and transform self. It opens the door of that realm of sensing beyond five senses. “Yog” is a way of life and living. It is a medium or crucible of self-transformation.

The need is of a paradigm shift. One has to have full control over self so as to initiate the process of change independent of external environment. Look at yourself with due diligence, for essence of life flows through the change process. If we want to change a situation, we have to change ourselves first. Never ever, mere changes in calendar dates have brought about a change in the nature of human being. Determination and a strong will, plan of action and action to the plan has always opened new horizons and created history.

The first step begins with the commitment of purpose. Commitment for self knowledge and self understanding is the only way to conquer fear- the enemy within and an essential step to self development. It has to begin with a focus at our inner self, our paradigm, our character & our motives. Understanding of others also becomes easy and comes only by understanding and awareness of self.

You are your own enemy and can also be your best friend, and nobody else. Keep your life scheduled with snaps for introspection through “swadhyaya”, “dharma”, “pranayam” and meditation to ensure a complete life process for good physical, psychic and spiritual health. Promise to yourself and keep your promise to self.